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Student Accommodation in Birmingham
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Student Accommodation in Birmingham

Written by Sam | January 8, 2021

If you are thinking of going to Birmingham to study you have 5 universities to choose from, the main one is the University of Birmingham. After the University of Birmingham, there is Aston University, Birmingham City University, Newman University & University College Birmingham

This makes Birmingham an astonishing student city, there is about 80,000 students in Birmingham. Looking at this from a student accommodation perspective, it means that there is demand and they need to make sure they can supply that amount of beds.

Birmingham is an incredible city, it has a good transport network due to the amount of students in the city and this means that there is plenty to do and a lot of opportunity for graduates.

If you want to read some statistics, information and what the university is known for, follow the links below to our university pages:

If you want to read more about Birmingham itself, then this page is for you! Birmingham City.

Private Student Accommodation in Birmingham

With there being roughly 80,000 students (Source: Visit Birmingham) it means that there is going to be a lot of student accommodation in the city. It will also mean that there is some bad student accommodation.

In Birmingham the student accommodation is quite spread out compared to other city’s because of the different universities and the size of the city.

The majority of the student accommodation is based in the city centre, while a few places have been built around the University of Birmingham. See the map below to see what I mean.

Map of Student Accommodation in Birmingham
Map of Student Accommodation in Birmingham

If you are looking to find quality of student accommodation in Birmingham then I would focus on these aspects to make sure you get good student accommodation:

  • Quality of the room
  • Service of the accommodation manager and their team
  • Location – Does it work for you?
  • Price
  • The extras – Is the common room, laundry room, gym and all the other communal areas worth the extra fee you are paying?

Some of the providers that I think are doing a good service to students are:

There is more than enough student accommodation in Birmingham for students, however, the problem comes when the good accommodation starts to run out and then the bad stuff is left and they are charging the same amount as the good accommodation.

In Birmingham, students tend to start researching and a small amount book from late November and December.

Private Student Housing in Birmingham

Again, due to the number of students in Birmingham, there are a lot of student houses spread out across the city managed by lots of different landlords and letting agents.

If you are looking for a student house, my points to make sure you end up with a good student house are:

  • Always view the house
  • View more than one house and with more than one agent
  • Judge the service of the letting agent
  • Read the tenancy before signing
  • Always check the letting agent online before booking

The average cost of a student house in Birmingham is around the £100 per week with bills included. However, it does depend on the location and quality of the house.

The main areas where students live are:

  • Selly Oak
  • Harborne
  • Edgbaston
  • Kings Heath

The largest population of students is Selly Oak, this is based predominantly with University of Birmingham Students as it is the larger university. This is within walking distance of the university and you can get in to the city very easily.

Edgbaston is the next closest to university of Birmingham and slightly closer to the centre of the city, again a lot of students live here and I would say that this is the second largest area.

If you wanted housing for Aston university or University College Birmingham, then looking at the city centre, Jewellery Quarter and potentially Digbeth.

Some of the student letting agents and landlords that are doing a good job with students are:

There are a lot more agents in the city and they will offer some good housing for students, these are just the ones I like.

If you want to see a more detailed article on how to make sure you find good student accommodation and housing, this will help.

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