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Student Accommodation in Liverpool
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Student Accommodation in Liverpool

Written by Sam | January 8, 2021

Liverpool is a great student city and is known for many things, one of them is mainly the football club. However, in the city, you have three main universities. They are, University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University & Liverpool Hope University.

Liverpool was built around its docks and has evolved into the city that it is today. Many students go there because it has a reasonable cost of living for a city of its size, it has good transport links, the universities are well established and the city is full of activities which again, is reasonably priced for a city of its size!

If you want to, you can read more about Liverpool as a city in our place’s article on Liverpool. You can also read more on each of the universities here as well, where there is more detail on the statistics, the university itself, what it is known for, and where its campuses are.

Private Student Accommodation in Liverpool

In this space, I am going to look at the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). These are the bigger blocks of student accommodation, usually located in the centre of the city and come with an accommodation manager and lots of extra services such as, gym, bikes, study room, cinema, grab and go breakfasts and much more.

These types of accommodation are more expensive than living in a shared house but are generally more secure than student housing because of the multiple layers of protection!

Map of Student Accommodation in Liverpool
Map of Student Accommodation in Liverpool

The actual market itself in Liverpool is very competitive from an accommodation point of view because of the amount of other accommodations in the area.

Not all accommodations fill their bedrooms, however, there are some student accommodations that could fill their properties twice over due to demand. If you are looking for student accommodation in Liverpool I would look for these aspects:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Location
  • Price
  • Added Extras

Some of the accommodations will boast a gym, but there will only be two treadmills and a cross trainer with a few weights. Make sure that you go around the accommodation and see what it offers.

All the student accommodation is based around the two city centre campuses for University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moore, however, if you want student accommodation for Liverpool Hope University, I would look at something more towards that area of the city because it lies a short distance outside the city centre which is probably too far for a commute.

Some of the student accommodation providers that I like in Liverpool are:

Student Housing in Liverpool

As a student living in Liverpool it can depend which campus you are based at, if you are further out, I would look towards that area. However, as a guide I will put the most popular areas with students below.

Student housing is actually relatively cheap for the city that you are living in. Liverpool is a big city in the west and north of England, however, prices are very reasonable for rent. I would say the average rent for a house with bills included is £90-110 per week depending on what quality and size you like.

The most popular areas in Liverpool are:

  • City Centre (L1, L2, and L3)
  • Tuebrook/Kensington (L6 and L7)
  • Toxteth (L8)
  • Wavertree/Smithdown (L15)
  • Aigburth (L17)
  • Mossley Hill (L18)

These popular areas are all around the city centre and in the suburbs, for Liverpool. As always, the city centre properties are going to be most expensive due to the location and most likely have smaller room sizes. However, if you go in to the other areas, then the rent will become slightly cheaper due to the location.

These areas are the most prominent student areas to live in. They are all within walking distance to one of the universities, usually the University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores University, for Liverpool Hope there is a commute, however, the transport is good because they recognise that students live closer to Liverpool city centre and commute to their main campus.

Some good student housing providers in Liverpool are:

You can live in their University owned student accommodation if you wish, however, priority goes to first years.

If you want to make sure that you can find good quality student accommodation then you can read this detailed article about finding your next student accommodation.

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