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Student Accommodation in Cardiff
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Student Accommodation in Cardiff

Written by Sam | January 11, 2021

If you have chosen to go to university in Wales and in particular Cardiff, for me it is a good choice. In Cardiff, there are five universities and they consist of Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of South Wales, University of Wales, and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

Cardiff is also the 11th largest city in the UK and the largest in Wales. It is well known as the home of Welsh rugby and is renowned for it’s night life.

In Cardiff, there is roughly around 70-80,000 students. Students are an important part of the economic cycle.

In terms of student accommodation, there is a lot of student accommodation, Wales also has slightly different laws and legislations to England and Scotland when it comes to student housing in particular. I don’t know of the finer details, however, Cardiff has plenty of options for students, but there isn’t enough good student accommodation at a reasonable price which is why many of the good student accommodation is in high demand!

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Private Student Accommodation in Cardiff

For the amount of students in Cardiff, it doesn’t look like there is enough student accommodation for 70,000 (roughly) students. However, if you factor in the university owned student accommodation and the amount that go on to live in student housing, then there is enough there to choose from. It all depends whether it meets your requirements.

Here we are only looking at the purpose built student accommodation side of student accommodation. Most of the accommodation is based around Cardiff University. The ones at the top of the map can be used for Cardiff Metropolitan if you wish and any at the bottom could be used for South Wales University. Because Cardiff University is the most prominent, that is where the majority have chosen to build and rent.

These types of accommodation come with a lot of added extras, for example, gym, cinema, study room, breakfasts, bikes and accommodation manager. They are generally more secure than student housing because of they have key fob doors and staff in the building with CCTV.

On the flip side, they can be quite pricey. They will be more expensive than student housing in Cardiff.

Some of student accommodation providers I like in Cardiff:

If you are wanting to find good quality student accommodation in Cardiff, I would recommend these steps as a guide:

  • Research
  • Always View
  • Look for quality of the room and functionality of communal areas
  • Read the tenancy before signing

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Student Housing in Cardiff

For those who don’t want to live in student accommodation and want to live as a group in a house, there are some good areas to choose from and we will give you some tips to help you only find the good student houses.

There is a lot of student housing in Cardiff, most students tend to start looking for the following year around late November, however, some will book in December and others will book in the new year. You don’t need to rush.

Some of the goof student housing providers in Cardiff:

Some of the main areas students live in Cardiff are:

  • Cathays
  • Roath
  • Plasnewydd and Tredegarville
  • Wreath
  • Cardiff Bay

These areas are located in the Suburbs of Cardiff and great for University of Cardiff and University of Wales. I would say Cathays is good for Cardiff Metropolitan because it gives you access to the city centre and the uni.

Each area has good transport links to and around the city and the bigger universities quite often provide transport for students.

My tips to find good quality student housing are:

  • Always view the house
  • View with more than one agent
  • Read the tenancy before booking
  • Google the agent before booking to do some research.

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