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Student Accommodation in Gloucester
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Student Accommodation in Gloucester

Written by Sam | January 12, 2021

Gloucester has two universities, the University of Gloucester and Royal Agricultural University (RGU). Gloucester is a great place to study, it’s just under Worcester and above Bristol. It has some great links to Wales where you can get into the natural world if you would like a break! Even though RGU is classed as in Gloucester, all the housing and accommodation for RGU is actually in Cirencester and you don’t want to live in Gloucester if you are going to RGU. The University of Gloucester has three campuses, Cheltenham, Hartpury and Oxstalls.

Gloucester has around 8,000 students, as a university, this means it is relatively small compared to other universities but it has some great specialties.

If you want to read more about Gloucester itself, our city guide will give you more information about what it is like living there. Gloucester

If you want to read more about the universities in Gloucester then our university pages you can see more about what they are known for, statistics and what their campuses are like:

Private Student Accommodation in Gloucester

In this section, we are looking purely at Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) and they are usually based around the city centre and have lots of studios and en-suite rooms.

In Gloucester there actually isn’t that much student accommodation, especially private student accommodation. There is university owned accommodation around the campuses, however, really not any student accommodation from private providers.

Because the student population is around 10,000 there isn’t a high demand for student accommodation because a lot of these will live in university owned student accommodation and then search for a student house or stay in the university owned accommodation.

Student Housing in Gloucester

Because there isn’t a lot of options for student accommodation in Gloucester, it does mean that there is plenty of student housing in Gloucester.

With the student housing in Gloucester, you need to make sure that you find a good quality landlord or letting agent that has good quality rooms and housing.

The main areas to live as a student in Gloucester are:

  • Kingsholm
  • Quays
  • St Oswald
  • City Centre

Some of the good student housing providers for students going to University of Gloucester are:

If you want to look for student housing in Gloucester and around the campuses then here are some quick tips for students:

  • Research the areas around one of the three campuses
  • Always view more than one property and agent
  • Read the tenancy before signing
  • Look for quality in their houses

If you want more detail about how to find your next student property, follow this link.

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