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Student Accommodation in Aberdeen
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Student Accommodation in Aberdeen

Written by Sam | January 25, 2021

Aberdeen is a city in Scotland that has two universities. There is the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University. Scotlands third-largest city has around 22,000 university students in it.

The larger university is the University of Aberdeen with roughly 13,000 full time students.

Living in Aberdeen as a student is a great place because it has a lot of history, it has plenty to do and the transport makes it easy to get around in the city, when you travel further out, the transport gets a lot less.

Private Student Accommodation in Aberdeen

In this section we will look at purpose built student accommodation in Aberdeen. These are the big blocks of student accommodation that is usually based around the centre of the city and comes with lots of added extras such as:

  • Gym, Cinema and Study rooms
  • Accommodation managers
  • Security cameras
  • Free breakfasts
  • Bikes to use
  • Games rooms

There can be more and they are great places to stay, a lot of students recommend staying there, the only downfall is the price can be expensive at times.

Map of Student Accommodation in Aberdeen
Map of Student Accommodation in Aberdeen

In Aberdeen , there is a reasonable amount of student accommodation and this is good for students because it gives you the pick of the bunch. It is within walking distance to Aberdeen University and they are all based around the city centre.

This is a good thig because it means your commute to university isn’t too more than 15 minutes and you can in the city centre within minutes. As an added bonus, it is close to the train station and you can get there in under 10 minutes.

Some of the good student accommodation providers in Aberdeen are:

If you are searching for student accommodation in Aberdeen like this, here my top tips:

  • Always view where possible
  • Look for quality in your room and communal areas
  • Read the tenancy
  • Compare the services and extras with others
  • Check their cancellation policy and what they did during COVID

If you want to find more about how you can find good quality student accommodation in Aberdeen, this article with more detail will help: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

Student Housing in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has some great houses for students. Scotland also has some differences to England as a student, so make sure you brush up on these before you move if you are moving into Scotland.

Some good providers of student housing in Aberdeen are:

The biggest problem of searching in Scotland is having to differentiate between what is a regular family house and what is an HMO from websites. A lot of times they will say it in the description, however, the one big plus of searching in England and other areas is that you have dedicated student accommodation letting agents and there doesn’t to be a feature for that in Scotland.

The best areas to live as a student in Aberdeen are:

  • Rosemount
  • City Centre
  • Kittybrewster

The houses in Aberdeen vary, but the price is quite reasonable for the city. I would say that the average weeks rent for a student with bills included is between £100-£120 depending on how far you live outside of the centre.

If you want to look through a whole list of student letting agents, then there is a list on the Robert Gordon University Students Union Website. However, I don’t know the quality of all of them.

If you are looking for student housing in Aberdeen and want to know what to look for to make sure that you find a good student house, then here are my top tips:

  • View the property where possible
  • Check for the quality of the finish in each room
  • Make sure it is clean
  • Check the inventory
  • Read the tenancy before booking
  • View at least three properties.

If you want more detail about what you can do, ask and say then this article will help you: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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