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Student Accommodation in Derby
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Student Accommodation in Derby

Written by Sam | January 25, 2021

Derby has one university and it is the University of Derby. Derby has around 14,000 students at the university and this is quite a good-sized university for where it is!

The University of Derby is surrounded by other universities that are bigger than it, some of those are Loughborough, Nottingham Trent, and the University of Nottingham, and just slightly further away it has Sheffield and Birmingham.

It is a good place to live, it has good transport and has good links with the surrounding areas. It has a lot to offer for the size and you can keep yourself busy as a student.

If you want to read more detail on what it is like living in Derby as a student, this article will go in to more detail: Derby

If you want to read more about Derby university in more detail, this will let you know what it is like living there as a student and what the university is known for: University of Derby

Private Student Accommodation in Derby

Considering Derby has 14,000 students, it has a lot of student accommodation.

In this section we are only looking at purpose built student accommodation that isn’t owned by the university. These types of accommodations have lots of added extras, some of these are:

  • En-suites if in flats
  • Accommodation manager
  • Social events
  • Breakfasts
  • Bike hire
  • Gym, Cinema and Games rooms

The only downside can be the price, however, this all depends if you feel like you get value for your money. Most of these accommodations are close to the city centre and transport so you can get in and out of Derby easily.

The student accommodation is within walking distance of Derby University, however, I would say that if you are living in or around the city centre it would probably be around a 10-15 minute walk to the main campus of Derby.

Some good quality student accommodation providers in Derby are:

If you are searching for student accommodation like this and want to make sure that you get good quality student accommodation, here are my tips:

  • Always view the accommodation
  • Check for quality in the rooms
  • Make sure look at the gyms and cinemas to make sure they are fit for purpose
  • View more than one provider
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Go during peak hours to see who uses what

Student Housing in Derby

For student housing in Derby, there is enough of it for students, however, I question if there is enough good standard student accommodation.

The rent and bills in Derby are very cheap compared to a lot of places and this is because it is a small place in the midlands. The houses are a good size and you will get a good amount of room for your money, especially compared to some of the bigger cities like Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle.

The main areas to live in Derby as a student are:

  • City Centre
  • Uttoxeter New Road It takes just 20 minutes to walk to the City Centre and 10 minutes by bus; ideal for early mornings when you just don’t want to leave your bed.
  • Allestree is just two miles from Derby City Centre and is easily accessible by bus or northern rail services.
  • Ashbourne Road
  • Buxton is an idea for those situated at the Buxton campus.

Some good student letttng agents and landlords who offer good student housing in Derby are:

If you are searching for a student house in Derby and want to make sure that you get the best student house, then here are my tips:

  • Always view the property
  • View a minimum of 3 properties and try different agents
  • Look at the inventory
  • Read the tenancy before booking
  • Try and speak to current or previous tenants.

If you would like more detail on finding a good student house, then this article will help: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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