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Student Accommodation in Dundee
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Student Accommodation in Dundee

Written by Sam | January 27, 2021

Dundee is just north of St Andrews and is home to two universities which are, University of Dundee and Abertay University.

Abertay has around 3,000 students there full time and Dundee has around 12,000 full-time students. This makes Dundee quite an attractive place because it is surrounded by stunning scenery, it has a good transport network compared to other parts of Scotland and has a good student scene without it being a big city.

Dundee is also great because you get a lot for your money and is cheaper than most other university cities.

If you want to read more on Dundee itself and what it is like to live there as a student, our places pages will help: Dundee as a student.

If you want to read more about the universities in Dundee and what they are known for, bad points and some statistics, then these will help you:

Private Student Accommodation in Dundee

In this section we are just looking at the big blocks of student accommodation, they are generally based around the city centre and have lots of added extras, for more info, this will help: PBSA.

Some of the added extras are:

  • Gym, Cinema and games rooms
  • Accommodation manager
  • CCTV
  • Free breakfasts
  • En-Suites in flats
  • Outside areas
  • Social events
  • On-site maintenance

The only downside about the accommodation can be the cost. It is more expensive than student housing, however, you can get a lot more, it just depends what you want.

In Dundee, there is a good amount of student accommodation available. This means that you can choose from several providers for students to choose from, they are all based in the city centre and close to the local transport which is the train station and airport if you are far away.

All these accommodations are within walking distance to Dundee and Abertay. I would the furthest one away is roughly 10-15 minute walk away.

Map of student accommodation in Dundee
Map of Student Accommodation in Dundee

Some good student accommodation providers in Dundee are:

If you are looking for student accommodation in Dundee then here are my tips to make sure you find good quality student accommodation:

  • Look for quality fixtures and fittings in your room and the communal areas
  • View more than one accommodation and room to benchmark
  • Read the tenancy – deposit and cancellations are important
  • Look at their response to COVID
  • Speak to current or previous students

There is more detail on how to find good quality student accommodation in this article that will help you: How To Find Good Quality Student Accommodation.

Student Housing in Dundee

In Dundee, there are some good quality student houses at a very good rate. As I have mentioned in other articles, Scotland has slightly different laws from England surrounding their HMOs (student houses).

In Scotland they don’t normally have student letting agents and the houses take a little more looking for than in other areas. However, I will give you some options that you can look at for good quality student housing in Dundee.

Best areas to live in Dundee as a student are:

  • City Centre
  • Perth Road
  • West End
  • Dryburgh

The West End is the more expensive area and Dryburgh. However, Dundee is a cheap city to live in, especially as a student. Perth Road has the cheapest rents.

All these areas are within walking distance of the city centre, however, you will need to find the area that suits you the most! The cost of living can vary in Dundee as it can anywhere, you can have a really low cost of living or you can live somewhere where the rents are above the average, but you get more for money.

Some good student housing providers in Dundee are:

If you are searching for student housing in Dundee here are my top tips to help you find good quality student accommodation:

  • Check each room – Make sure it is good quality
  • Make sure it’s clean
  • Check the inventory
  • Read the tenancy before booking
  • Research them online first before booking

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