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Student Accommodation in Belfast
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Student Accommodation in Belfast

Written by Sam | February 1, 2021

Belfast in Northern Ireland is a fantastic place to go to university. There are two universities, Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University as well as these Colleges;

Being Northern Ireland’s capital and was where the Titanic was built before it hit an iceberg. as capital you would think it is expensive, however, it is not as expensive as you might assume and is a very reasonably priced capital.

With it being a capital you get good transport infrastructure, plenty of activities and lots of options for student accommodation.

If you want to see what it is like to live in Belfast as a student, then you can find more information about what it has to offer students here: Belfast

If you would like to read more about what it is like to study at one of the unviersities in Belfast and some of their statistics, then these links will help you:

Private Student Accommodation Belfast

In this section we look at purpose built student accommodation, these are blocks of student accommodation that have been specifically built and designed for students. They come with lots of added extras, some examples are:

  • En-suites in flats
  • Accommodation manager
  • Study, Gym & Cinema rooms
  • Free breakfasts
  • Social events
  • Bills included
  • Bikes to use
  • Extra security

However, on the flip side, the cost of living here is usually more than living in student housing. It all depends what you want from your student accommodation.

All of the student accommodation in Belfast is based around the two universities and within walking distance. You won’t have to worry about your commute!

You are also in the centre of the city and can walk or bike around with ease.

Map of Student accommodation in Belfast
Map of Student accommodation in Belfast

Some good student accommodation providers in Belfast:

If you are searching for student accommodation and want to make sure that you find a good quality place to live, then here are my tips:

  • Check the quality of the rooms and it’s furnishings
  • Make sure the gym, cinema and other rooms are fit for purpose
  • Check the inventory
  • Read the tenancy agreement – especially the cancellation policy.
  • Look at the social calendar

If you want to go into more detail about how to make sure it is good quality, you can find more detail in this article: How to Find Your Next Student Accommodation

Student Housing in Belfast

Because of the two universities in Belfast and it being a capital city, there are a lot of options when it comes to student housing.

There is more than enough for students, most students tend to start researching and searching late November and December. If you start after this, you can still book a student house.

The best places to live as a student in Belfast:

  • The Holylands
  • Lisburn Road
  • Ormeau Road
  • Botanic Avenue
  • Stranmillis Road

All these are based within walking distance of the universities and I would say the average rent comes out at 90-100 per week! This is not bad for being in a capital!

All these areas have a slot of students based in them and they are close to shops and the centre of the city. I personally think the quality of student housing can be raised slightly, they have some that will do essential, however, for me, I haven’t found a landlord or letting agent taking it to the next level yet!

Some good student housing providers in Belfast are:

If you are looking for student housing in Belfast, here are my top tips:

  • Always view the house
  • View more than one house and more than one agent
  • Check each room and the communal areas for quality
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Check the inventory

If you want some more detail on how to make sure you know the letting agent or landlord is good quality, then this article will help you: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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