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Student Accommodation in Bradford
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Student Accommodation in Bradford

Written by Sam | February 7, 2021

Bradford maybe a smaller university as it only has around 8,000 students, however, it has a lot of accolades to its name, it reaches in the top 10 and 20 for a few of its courses, you can find out more here: University of Bradford.

Firmly set in Yorkshire, it ever so slightly gets overshadowed by Leeds which has two universities. Bradford has good connections by rail and road, it is easy to get to from London should you need to travel to and from the capital. Bradford is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty and cities and at the end of the day you can go back to Bradford where it’s smaller than the surrounding cities.

If you want to read in more detail what it is like going to university in Bradford, then our university page will give you statistics, good points, and bad points: University of Bradford.

Want to know more about what it is like living in Bradford as a student, what you can do, the good parts, bad parts and areas to go, our places pages will help you: Living in Bradford as a student

Private Student Accommodation in Bradford

In this section I look at purpose built student accommodation in Bradford, these aren’t managed or owned by the university, these are managed and owned privately.

They are usually based in the city centre (which they are), and have a lot of added extras compared to student housing, however, they are usually more expensive. Some of the added extras you get in student accommodation are:

  • Accommodation manager
  • Social events
  • All bills included as standard
  • En-suite rooms in flats
  • Games, cinema, study rooms and gyms
  • More security
  • Free breakfasts
  • Bikes to use

The list can go on, however, it depends what you want as a student.

All the student accommodation in Bradford is within walking distance of the university city centre campus and the train stations.

There is actually quite a lot of student accommodation in Bradford considering the amount of students, this is because I think many providers see growth there and have got in early, however, time will tell. As a student, this gives you a lot of choice as to who you want to go with.

Some good student accommodation providers in Bradford are:

Map of Student Accommodation in Bradford
Map of Student Accommodation in Bradford

Student Housing in Bradford

When looking at student housing in Bradford, there is a lot of options for you as a student. You can also live in a lot of good areas that are close to the centre with plenty of access to transport and shops.

Some of the best areas students love while they are studying in Bradford are:

  • University
  • City Centre
  • Great Horton
  • Frizinghall
  • Little Germany
  • Manningham
  • Heaton
  • Clayton

A lot of students stay on campus at the university, however, living in student housing is less expensive. City centre is more expensive than the other areas because of it being in the centre.

Little Germany, Manningham, Heaton and Clayton are further out of Bradford and the university, however, you get more money for your rent and a quieter spot in the suburbs. The only downside can be the commute.

The average rent in Bradford is around £90 per week for student housing. If you live in student accommodation then it will be higher.

Most students start researching for their student housing in late November and December, however, you can start later and still find a good student house.

Some good student housing providers in Bradford are:

If you are searching for student housing in Bradford and want to make sure that you have a good experience and have good student housing then here are some tips:

  • Always view the property in person if possible
  • Always view more than one property and agent
  • Check the inventory
  • Read the tenancy agreement – Check rent, cancellations and deposits
  • Look at the quality of fixtures and fittings
  • Be sure to check all the rooms

If you want to get some more detail on how to make sure you find a good student house, then this article might help: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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