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Student Accommodation in Canterbury
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Student Accommodation in Canterbury

Written by Sam | February 8, 2021

Canterbury is an up and coming city and one that has emerged with a university and is growing. Based in Kent, it has good connections to London, however, you have a really nice rural setting.

There are two universities in Canterbury, the University of Kent, the University of Creative Arts, and Canterbury Christ Church University.

With around 11,000 students it shows that it has some good courses on offer and with that, it can continue to improve it’s campuses and offering to students.

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Private Student Accommodation in Canterbury

In this section I look at the private purpose built student accommodation that is in Canterbury. This is the student accommodation that has been build specifically for students and not managed or owned by the university.

This type of student accommodation comes with a lot of added extras, however, the only downside can be that it can be quite costly compared to student housing, but here are some of the added extras you get in the price:

  • Accommodation managers
  • Extra security
  • On-site maintenance
  • Games, cinema and study areas
  • Free breakfasts
  • Bikes to use
  • Bills included
  • En-suites in flats

The student accommodation in Canterbury is split between the universities and the city centre. Canterbury isn’t a huge city and you can quite easily travel by bike or bus to either the city centre or one of the universities.

If you live near the city centre or CCCU then you have better access to the train station and van get in and out of Canterbury faster.

Map of Student Accommodation in Canterbury

Some good student accommodation providers in Canterbury are:

There are more student accommodation providers in Canterbury, however, if you are searching for student accommodation and want to make sure that you get in to a good place, here are some quick tips:

  • View the property
  • View more than one room and provider
  • Always look at the communal areas to see if they are fit for use
  • Read the tenancy and cancellation policy
  • Check the social calendar
  • Assess the commute to university

If you want more detail on how to find good quality student accommodation, then this article will help you: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

Student Housing in Canterbury

There are more students than you might think in Canterbury and this therefore means more student housing. As a student this is good because it pushes the standard of student housing up and gives you more choice over where you want to live.

Most students in Canterbury start searching for their next student house or second year house in late November or December with an idea of booking it in the new year.

The best places to live as a student in Canterbury are:

  • Hales Place
  • St Dunstan
  • Wincheap
  • Downs Road
  • Salisbury Road

These are the more popular student areas in Canterbury and they are based around the city centre. You can still get to University of Kent from all areas and Canterbury Christ Church University.

The cheaper place to live ironically is Wincheap and the more expensive places is the town centre and Hales Place.

Student housing rents are £90-120 not including bills. If you have a bills included package it won’t be too much more.

Good student housing providers in Canterbury are:

if you are searching for student housing in Canterbury and want to make sure you find a good place, whether it is for University of Kent or Canterbury Christ Church, here are some tips to help you:

  • Always view the property
  • Look at all the bedrooms and communal areas
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Make sure the fixtures and fittings are good quality
  • The student house in well designed and functional
  • Enough space for everyone to sit

If you are searching for student housing in Canterbury and want more detail to make sure you find a good student house, you can get more detail here: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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