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Student Accommodation in Chichester
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Student Accommodation in Chichester

Written by Sam | February 14, 2021

Chichester is home to one university and that is the University of Chichester. It has just under 5,000 full-time students and became a university in 2005. The university currently operates 2 separate campuses, the main campus near the ancient cathedral city of Chichester and a second in Bognor Regis, very close to the English coast.

Chichester is based down on the south coast in between Portsmouth and Brighton. It is a smaller place than the other places, however, it has a lot of character.

Private Student Accommodation in Chichester

In this section, I look at purpose built student accommodation. This is the student accommodation that isn’t owned by the university and is either owned or managed by a private company.

This type of student accommodation comes with a lot of added extras, these can be:

  • Accommodation manager
  • En-suites in flats
  • All inclusive bills
  • Social events
  • Gym, cinema, games and study room
  • Bikes to use
  • Free breakfasts

The only problem with having all these extras can be the cost. In some places, it can cost a lot more than the student housing in the area. However, as a student you must look at what you value and if it’s worth it, it doesn’t matter what the price is.

In Chichester, currently there aren’t (as far as I can find out, this may change in the future) any student accommodation that aren’t managed by the university.

This means that most students will either look to live in university accommodation or live in a student house!

Map of student accommodation in Chichester

Student Housing in Chichester

If you are searching for a student house in Chichester, then you are probably going to want to know where most of the students live. Some of the best places to live as a student in Chichester are:

  • City centre
  • Portfield

To be honest, you want to be in the centre or around the university. Portfield is located closest to the university, roughly around a 10-15 minute walk dependant on where you live!

Being in the centre of town means you can be close to the pubs and restaurants but have a little further to commute to university. This isn’t so bad because Chichester has pretty good public transport!

Student accommodation costs range from £118 – £177 per week; the average is £161.46 per week.

Some student letting agents and landlord in Chichester are:

If you are searching for student housing in Chichester and want to make sure that you find a good place to live, here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property if you can
  • Ask for the inventory
  • Read the tenancy agreement and check deposit protection scheme
  • Look in all the rooms and bedrooms
  • Make sure the house is functional & designed well
  • Make sure you have space and everyone can fit in comfortably in communal areas.

If you want to read more tips, this article will help you to find good quality student housing in Chichester: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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