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Student Accommodation in Coventry
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Student Accommodation in Coventry

Written by Sam | February 15, 2021

Coventry is host to more than one university and because of this, it has plenty of student accommodation in the area!

The universities in Coventry are the University of Coventry and the University of Warwick.

Even though it is called Warwick university, it is actually based in Coventry.

Universities in Coventry

This means that there is plenty of students in Coventry, it has good transport networks, you can get to neighbouring cities easy and you are based pretty much in the centre of England.

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Private Student Accommodation in Coventry

In this section, I look at the purpose-built student accommodation in Coventry and what there is on offer. These are accommodations that are owned or managed by companies that aren’t the university.

These types of student accommodation come with a lot of added extras designed to make your life easier! Some of these added extras are:

  • Free breakfasts
  • Extra security – CCTV
  • On-site maintenance
  • Cinema, gym, study and games room
  • En-Suite in flats
  • All bills included
  • Accommodation manager
  • Social events

On the flip side however, this type of student accommodation does cost more than student housing. It depends what you want as a student.

In Coventry, you get a good choice of student accommodation because of the two universities and raises the standard that is on offer. If you are going to Warwick University, a lot of students choose to live in Coventry and commute because only University-managed halls are around Warwick university.

Map of Student Accommodation in Coventry

All the student accommodation is close to public transport to get you in and out of Coventry and all based around the city centre! If you are going to Coventry University, then you are within walking distance to the city centre campus!

Some good student accommodation providers in Coventry are:

This isn’t an exhaustive list, just some of the ones that we like in Coventry.

If you are searching for student accommodation and want to make sure you find good quality and the place that fits you best, here are my tips:

  • Check the bedrooms en-suite
  • Make sure there is plenty of storage
  • Make sure that the communal areas are fit for purpose – More than one person can fit in the gym
  • Look at the social calendar
  • Read the tenancy agreement – rent and cancellation policy
  • See how they reacted to COVID

If you want to see more detail on how to find your student accommodation, this article will help you: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

Student Housing in Coventry

Again, because of the two universities, it’s best to be closer to the university which you are attending. For example, students who go to Warwick, tend to get a house halfway or on the West side of Coventry to make their commute easier.

You have lot of areas to choose from, there are also lots of landlords and student letting agents. There are some really good quality houses in Coventry, but please make sure you do your research to stay out of the bad ones.

Most students start looking for their next student housing around late November and early December. You don’t need to book the house there and then, however it is good to understand what sort of areas you want to live in and deciding who you want to live with!

The only issue is, many students book early which then takes up all the good student housing and accommodation and creates a frenzy. In November as a first year there is still a lot to find out and explore in a new city.

Best places to live in Coventry as a student:

  • Earlsdon
  • Stoke
  • Barras heath
  • Canley
  • Stivichall
  • Bishopsgate Green

The places that sit between Coventry university and Warwick are Earlsdon, Stivichall.

Canley is closest to Warwick because it is within walking distance and most of the areas are based around Coventry and you will need to get transport in order to get there!

Each of these are popular areas, however, the most popular is Earlsdon because of it’s location and houses!

The price varies depending on how close you get to Coventry, the further away you are, the cheaper it tends to be!

Some good student housing providers in Coventry are:

If you are searching for student housing in Coventry and want to make sure that you find a good house and landlord then you can get more detail in this article: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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