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Guarantor Reviews For Students
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Guarantor Reviews For Students

Written by Sam | February 17, 2021

In here we want to help those students who don’t have access to a guarantor and need to look at using some of the companies to help them get them on their way!

Just to make you aware, we have not used their services, we have looked at their products and compared them against each other.

Reviews of Guarantor Companies

First up we wanted to review Housing Hand. They are the first on google and generally are or perceived to be the biggest Guarantor providers in the UK & Ireland.

They charge a fee for the service but depends on whether you pay monthly or all at once and the cost of your tenancy. The cost will be higher if your rent is a lot higher. You can be a student or professional and all you need is:

  • ID
  • Confirmation of study
  • Co-signature

They way these and many other companies work is that they will act as your guarantor, however, they will have a co-signature that they will pass the debt on to if they can’t get hold of you.

UK Guarantor

Very close behind Housing Hand and is pretty much identical in their business model. They have the same process and same kind of website.

Their fee starts from £249 however but it also depends on how much your rent is.

You will need ID, confirmation of study and a co-signature. Again the co-signature can be anyone and they won’t be credit checked, however, they are the ones the company goes to if they can’t get hold of you!

Rent Guarantor

These cover employed as well as students, the other companies do cover employed or professionals as well, however, they have more of a focus on students. Rent Guarantor seem like good service and one that you can trust because they deal with a good-sized market.

Again they follow the same business model, however, it seems like they are able to turn around an answer within 24 hours in some cases, which is really positive to see! Not many turn it around within 24 hours!

You will need the same documents in order to get a student guarantor for your student accommodation but you can be in the house in good time.


These look like a good company that has just recently come to the market in the last few years. They do student and professional guarantors and claim to be 50% cheaper than any other company that does this service.

They seem like they implement more technology through open bank and checking rent payments as they are your guarantor. I think this company is good and has good potential for a lot of students.

We do actually partner with Guarantid if you don’t have a guarantor. Visit their website if you want to have a look as they can provide you an answer really quick.


After a quick search on google we found these 5 companies that can be a student guarantor for you.

You need a guarantor if you no one can do it for you as they aren’t based in the UK and they usually do it through a co-signature who they will pass the debts to.

Housing Hand captures most of the market and delivers most to students. They also do professionals as well but have a good focus on students. After is UK Guarantor, again similar concept and follows Housing Hand in the systems and processes.

After there are Rent Guarantor & Guarantid, these seem like newer companies and offer a highly personal service and will go above and beyond to help you. They both do students and professionals and Guarantid even offer to be 50% cheaper than anyone else.

The price is linked to your rent that you pay, because the higher your rent, the more your guarantor payment will be!

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