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Student Accommodation Made Easy in the UK
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Student Accommodation Made Easy in the UK

Written by Sam | February 17, 2021

When you are becoming a student for the first time in the UK there are a lot of things you need to consider. Firstly, you have to choose your course, then your university and then most students tend to start searching for student accommodation after that.

In the first year, most students will go to student halls and then in their second year, usually move out to a student house. Find out what the difference is. If you are an international student, then most students book something with a PBSA provider because they have more flexible dates, can book early, stay over summer and stay there for more than one year.

How To Make Life Easy When Booking Student Accommodation

It all starts with the research and this doesn’t change from a UK citizen to an international student. You need to see what student accommodation is out there in the city. We are biased, you can use a site like ours, or get creative with what you put into Google.

You also need to consider what is most important to you, many students like their student accommodation to have fast wifi and in a great location, a lot of other students go on price.

Once you have all the information and you know what you want most you can go out and view the accommodation. You must always view the accommodation because you can reduce a lot of risks of ending up in bad student accommodation. For an in-depth article on virtual viewings and what you need to look for, this will help: How To Spot Bad Student Accommodation Virtually

By viewing the property on a video call, you can also speak to the agent and any questions you might have. A lot of them will have a 360 degree tour after the pandemic, but please remember, that the property is always photographed and displayed in it’s best condition. This video call will show you the real side of the accommodation.

When Should I Start Looking To Book My Student Accommodation?

If you are going in to first year, they will give you a form with a deadline on it, make sure you stick to that deadline or else you won’t be allocated a room.

If you are going in to your second year and want to find student accommodation, you can read the in-depth article here.

You should start doing the research in November and December, you don’t need to book in these months because there is plenty of accommodation, the only question is the quality and the price you pay for it. Many students will book their student accommodation in November or December and chance the people and places they are living with in the hope of an average landlord majority of the time.

What students don’t want it to pay the same amount for a bad experience. You can start the research but make sure you know what you want from your accommodation and if you want to live in a group, who is in the group.

How To Book My Student Accommodation To Make Life Easy

Still keeping life nice and simple, you are going to have to book some form of student accommodation at some point.

If you want to live in a big student accommodation blog, then you can view and book on their website. You can book on their website after having a physical viewing, they like this because they can keep track of all the rooms that have been sold.

If you want to live in a student house, the process is slightly different because they don’t have the same amount of money to implement a booking system. Normally you can book a viewing or view virtually after the pandemic and if you want it is best to ring up and say you want it.

Before booking it there are some key things you need to know and you can find these here: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation.

You can email, however you chance your email being lost if they have a lot of enquiries. If you speak to someone then you can make sure that it is taken off the market so to speak!

Once you have signed the contract and sorted the deposit, you will be notified when you can collect your keys!

Moving into Student Accommodation

As you prepare to move into the student accommodation you need to make sure you have the appropriate items.

If you are going in to second year then you are more than likely to have the items already, however, if this is your first year then some ideas as to what to take are:

  • Don’t take all your clothes but remember coat hangers
  • You won’t need items like kettle and hoovers
  • Storage is a good idea
  • Check the inventory
  • Don’t forget the kitchen essentials
  • Remember chargers
  • Get what you can to be delivered to the house – Food etc.

Always check the inventory and then make a list before you start buying, a good starting point is to see what you use around the house already and build on that list.

Repairs, Inspections and Maintenance

While you are living in the student house or accommodation they all have their own ways of operating, If it is with a student letting agent then they will have a repairs number or online form and an out of hours number.

When reporting a repair make sure you can describe what is happening and have pictures if you need them. If it is in student accommodation, you can go down and see your accommodation manager or report it through the APP that they have!

Each has their own way and both effective, if you ask this at the start you will know for just in case! If all else fails it will be on their website as well!

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