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Student Accommodation in Durham
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Student Accommodation in Durham

Written by Sam | February 22, 2021

Durham has a well renowned university and is popular with many students and because of the amount of students, it also has a lot of student accommodation in Durham!

Durham University is currently ranked 149th in the world by the Times Higher Education and it also has just over 17,000 full-time students. This is quite a large university and they are always putting money back in to improve its facilities. Most of the students at Durham play a sport and as a university, they heavily invest in their sport and sit at the top of most of the BUCs leagues.

Main campus is in the city of Durham, where most of the academic schools are located. The Queen’s campus is in the town of Stockton-on-Tees, around 30 miles from Durham.

The university is made up of three faculties: arts and humanities, science and social science, and health.

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If you want to read more about Durham University, the good bits, bad bits, and see some stats of the university, then this will help you get a picture of Durham University

Private Student Accommodation in Durham

In this section, I look at what purpose-built student accommodation there is in Durham that isn’t owned or managed by the university. These blocks of student accommodation are built purposely for students by companies or they are managed by said companies on behalf of the landlords.

Some of benefits you get of living in one of these are:

  • Accommodation manager
  • All bills included
  • En-suites in flats
  • Gym, cinema, games and study rooms
  • CCTV
  • Free breakfasts
  • Social events
  • On-site maintenance

The only downside is that this type of accommodation can be far more expensive than living in student housing, however, that’s up to you and what you want to live in!

Map of Student Accommodation in Durham

All the student accommodation in Durham is based around the city centre and a short walk from the university. You can walk to the sports grounds as well if you live in one of these accommodations.

They are all based around the train station which makes it easy to get in and out of Durham.

In Durham there are plenty of options for you to choose from and this is good as a student because it keeps prices competitive and standards high. If you don’t like one, you move on to the next!

Some of the good student accommodation providers in Durham are:

There are more student accommodations than the one on the list, however, these are just the ones that I quite like in the area.

If you are searching for student accommodation and want to make sure that you end up in good quality accommodation, here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the accommodation
  • Check the quality of the bed, desk, en-suite and other furnishings
  • Make sure the communal areas are big enough and can be used properly
  • Check the social calendar
  • Check the tenancy and inventory (usually online)
  • Make sure you are happy with the location
  • Check the rental payments

If you want more detail on how to find good quality student accommodation, this article will help you: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation.

Student Housing in Durham

With there being a lot of students in Durham, it means that there are plenty of student houses from landlords and student letting agents.

There is a massive supply and you don’t need to rush in to finding a house, most students start searching late November and early December. Some book there and then and some book in the new year!

Both are absolutely fine. My only comment is that students start booking the good quality student accommodation early to make sure they get it and then that creates a frenzy which leaves less and less over time.

Best places to live as a student in Durham:

  • Church Street
  • The Viaduct
  • Neville’s Cross
  • Gilesgate
  • Whinney Hill

All these area are the close to the city centre but also half way between the university and the city centre which is why many students like to live there.

Most students have lectures at Elvet Riverside and Old Elvet and look to live around there and these places seem to be around those sort of areas. THe most popular by far is the Viaduct with the second being Church Street, the least popular is the Gilesgate area.

The average rent is around £130 with bills included. You ca get houses below that, around £110 per week and studios that are more like £160 per week. £130 is just a ball park figure for Durham!

It also depends on where you want to live, if you want cheaper rents, the further out you go, the cheaper they are!

If you are searching for some student housing in Durham here are some good student letting agents and landlords to start you off:

If you are searching for student housing in Durham and want to make sure that you end up in a good student place here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property
  • Check the quality of the bed, desk, kitchen, and bathroom
  • Read the tenancy and deposit arrangements before booking
  • Make sure it is designed well and is functional
  • Read the inventory
  • Check the commute times to university

If you want more detail on how to find your next student accommodation then this article will help: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation

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