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Student Accommodation in High Wycombe
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Student Accommodation in High Wycombe

Written by Sam | March 8, 2021

High Wycombe plays host to one university and that is Buckinghamshire New University. With just over 5,000 students it is a small university in comparison with others however, it has been steadily growing.

The university has four campuses located in the county of Buckinghamshire, just outside of London. These include Aylesbury Vale, High Wycombe (the university’s main campus), Missenden Abbey, and Uxbridge.

The university sits just north west of London and just outside of the Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Private Student Accommodation in High Wycombe

In this section, I like to look at what student accommodation there is in High Wycombe that isn’t owned or managed by the university.

This type of student accommodation can come with a lot of added extras which can really have a positive impact on a students life, some of those are:

  • Accommodation manager
  • Bills included
  • En-suites in flats
  • Social events
  • Gym, cinema, study an games rooms
  • Free breakfasts
  • Free coffee
  • Bikes to use

There are more and not all accommodations will offer everything on the list, it is best to check what they offer and many offer incentives when booking.

In High Wycombe, there isn’t a massive amount of private student accommodation and where there is, they are based in a good location, close to the town centre and within walking distance of the university.

It has good transport links and this makes it easy when you want to get in to London or travel home for a period of time!

The reason why there won’t be a lot of private student accommodation in High Wycombe is because of the student population, a lot may stay in university managed accommodation or transition to student housing.

Map of Student accommodation in High Wycombe
Map of Student accommodation in High Wycombe

Some good student accommodation providers in High Wycombe are:

If you are searching for student accommodation in High Wycombe and want to make sure you end up in a good student accommodation then here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the student accommodation
  • Check the inventory of room
  • Make sure it has plenty of space and storage
  • Make sure the communal areas are big enough for multiple people
  • Check the quality of the bed, baths and kitchens
  • Look at what heating you have

If you want to see more detail on how to find good quality student accommodation, then this article will help you: How To Find Your Next Student Accommodation.

Student Housing in High Wycombe

As there isn’t a lot of private student accommodation in High Wycombe then that should mean that there is more student housing dotted around town.

The best places to live in High Wycombe as a student are:

  • Town centre
  • Hughenden Road
  • West Wycombe Road
  • Amersham Hill

Because of the size of the university and town, you can get a house close to the university for a relatively good price. You can get cheaper rent the further out you go.

These streets are the main streets and you will have plenty that comes off these. You can also access a good amount of shops from these streets and they are within walking distance to the university and the local transport!

The average rent in High Wycombe for a student is in the bracket of £130 – £160. This is with bills included, if the bills aren’t included then it should be cheaper as you will need to add bills on top!

There are local letting agents in High Wycombe that also manage student accommodation on behalf of landlords, some of these are:

If you are searching for a student house in High Wycombe and want o make sure you find a good quality student house, then here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property
  • Read the inventory
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Look at the quality of the bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms
  • View all the bedrooms
  • Check the commute to university

If you want more details on how to find good quality student housing in High Wycombe or any other student place, this article will help: How to Find Your Next Student House

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