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Student Accommodation in Loughborough
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Student Accommodation in Loughborough

Written by Sam | March 18, 2021

When you mention Loughborough, everyone thinks sport and this is true, it has a great sporting reputation matched with facilities.

Loughborough’s campus is the largest single green site in the UK, in simple terms it has a massive campus and you don’t really need to go anywhere else.

Having actually been to Loughborough a few times, I can confirm that it is a very big campus with very good transport infrastructure and plenty of accommodation on there.

Loughborough is more than sport and is home to around 14,000 full time students and has a record for sciences and engineering.

Loughborough town itself is only a small place and the university is the main thing in the town, the campus is outside of the town due to it’s size. There are only limited things you can do in the town, however you have good access routes to other cities and plenty of things to do on campus!

If you want to read more about Loughborough and what you can do there as a student, this page will help you: Loughborough as a student

Want to know more about the university and what that offers? This page will help and show you the good and bad points of the university as well as give you some background information: Loughborough University

Private Student Accommodation in Loughborough

In this section I like to look at what student accommodation there is in the area that isn’t owned or managed by the university. This type of student accommodation is called Purpose Built Student Accommodation.

It has some really good benefits such as:

  • Accommodation manager
  • Social events
  • Games, study, cinema and gyms
  • Bills included
  • En-suite in flats
  • Free breakfasts
  • Bikes to hire and use
  • Free coffee

There are more benefits that I will have missed, however, the only downside can be the price compared to student housing. As a student you need to decide which one you want to live in!

All the private student accommodation is based around the outside of the university, it is within walking distance most of the time, the furthest one away is the Study Inn accommodation and you can catch a bus from there straight to the campus or grab a bike and cycle to your lectures.

You are never far away from the town or the university. The university has it’s own bars and shops and you have good access to those if you live around the town.

Map of student accommodation in Loughborough
Map of student accommodation in Loughborough

Some good student accommodation providers in the area are:

CRM ‘The Cube’ is the one on the other side of the campus and is the furthest away from the town centre. It has access to transport but be aware you are on the opposite side of the uni!

If you want to know when to book student accommodation then usually many students start searching in the January before they go to university, this gives them time to look at all the room types and different accommodations in the area!

However, if you are searching and want some quick tips to make sure you find a good place to stay then these will help:

  • Always view the property
  • Check the quality of the bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Make sure you read the tenancy agreement
  • Check the cancellation policy
  • Make sure the communal areas are big enough for enough people
  • Check the social calendar

If you want more detail on how to find good quality accommodation then this page will help: How to find your next student accommodation.

Student Housing in Loughborough

If you are living in halls as a first year and want to move out in second year, this is very common and with the amount of student accommodation on offer, it suggests that this is more common than living in student accommodation for three years consecutively.

In Loughborough most students start searching for their next house around late November and early December and if they see a good place they usually snap it up. This then creates a rush, however, there is more than enough student housing and accommodation for students.

Best places to live as a student in Loughborough are:

  • Ashby Road
  • Derby Road
  • Station Street

Normally if you live any where in between these areas, or what is referred to as the Golden Triangle, you will be well placed. The golden triangle halfway between the university and the town centre and in-between the areas above!

The average rent for Loughborough student housing is between £80-100 per week with bills included. For student accommodation I would say that it is more around the £120 mark and self catered!

Some good student housing providers in Loughborough are:

There are more letting agents, however, these are ones that I think offer some good properties and service.

If you are searching for your next house here are some quick tips to make sure you find a good landlord or letting agent:

  • Always view the property
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Check the quality of the bed, bathroom and kitchen
  • Look at room size and if you have enough space to live
  • Can everyone fit in the communal area
  • Is furniture just put in rather than thought about

If you want more detail on how to make sure you find a good student house, this page will help and it has more details on it: How to find your next student accommodation

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