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Student Accommodation in Northampton
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Student Accommodation in Northampton

Written by Sam | March 19, 2021

Northampton is home to the University of Northampton. Northampton is based just north of London and is probably just under an hour on the train.

It also has good road links in and out so when you are either coming to or leaving Northampton, you won’t need to go around many back roads to get home!

Northampton has just under 10,000 students according to the Times Higher Education and is most known for their two-year fast-track and it also offers four-year extended degrees with a year in industry.

It is also known for waste management education and research. Other renowned centres include Centre for Children and Youth, Transpersonal Psychology, leather technology and lift engineering.

Northampton has plenty to offer students, it is not the biggest university place, however, it’s size, infrastructure and the businesses in the area make it good place to be with plenty of opportunities afterwards.

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If you want to read more about Northampton in terms of it’s stats, how safe it is, what you can do and where can go mixed with some history, this page will help: Northampton as a student

Private Student Accommodation in Northampton

In this section, I like to look at what student accommodation there is in Northampton that isn’t owned or managed by the University.

This accommodation is known as Purpose Built Student Accommodation, this is because it is built or designed purposely for students. There are a lot of benefits that can come with living in this type of student accommodation and some of these are:

  • Accommodation manager
  • Social events
  • Bills included
  • CCTV
  • Free breakfasts
  • Free coffee
  • Gym, cinema, study and games rooms
  • En-suites in flats

There are more benefits than what is in the list and not all accommodations will offer everything on the list it completely depends on what space they have available.

However, when it comes to this type of accommodation in Northampton there actually isn’t any other than what is offered by the university.

There could be many reasons for this and the true reason I am not sure of, however, what it does suggest is that students either stay in university halls or they move in to student housing which I will cover below.

If student accommodation does start appearing and you want to know how to find the best ones here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property
  • Check the quality of the rooms, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Are the communal areas big enough for everyone
  • Is it designed well and functional
  • Check the social calendar
  • Read their tenancy agreement
  • Read their cancellation policy
  • Make sure the property is well maintained

If you want more detail and tips then this article will help you: How to find your next student accommodation

Student Housing in Northampton

As there is very little private student accommodation currently in Northampton, it means that students are more likely going to go into student housing.

In Northampton there is pleny of houses for students and most will start searching for their next house in late November or early December. If they find a good house it usually gets booked.

This can lead to a bit of a race to the bottom which is why so many students start booking their accommodation early so it is secured!

Best places to live in Northampton as a student:

  • Kingthorpe
  • Abington
  • Semilong

The area with most students is Kingthorpe, this is mainly due to it’s location. It is a few minutes away from the campus and then you are close to town as well.

The university runs a bus service and if you live in further out areas like Abington, you can still get in to university easily.

The further out of the town you live the cheaper it will be for you as a student.

Some good student housing providers in Northampton are:

There are other providers but these were the ones that we liked the most for the area. As always you need to do your own research!

The average rent for a student house in Northampton is around £100-£120 per week depending on location.

If you are searching for a student house and you want to make sure that you can find a good place to stay then here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property
  • Make sure the property is maintained well
  • Check the quality of the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
  • Is there enough space for everyone in the communal areas
  • Is the house designed well and functional
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Check deposit protection scheme registration

If you are looking for more detail on how to find a good quality landlord or student house then there are more tips in this article: How to find your next student accommodation.

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