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Student Accommodation in Oxford
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Student Accommodation in Oxford

Written by Sam | March 24, 2021

Oxford is a great place to live, it has the countryside mixed with the feeling of a capital. It has good transport connections around the town, however, you can also get to plenty of other places by train and bus if you don’t have a car, but most use a bike to get around and when they go to lectures at the University of Oxford.

It is also home to a second university, the Oxford Brookes University. It has around 13,500 full time students and is most known for it’s Architecture and business courses. It has one of the largest architecture schools.

It is a popular place which means that there are plenty of exciting things to do and they keep popping up.

The university is a big driving force for it’s population and culture. With it being one of the oldest institutions in the country it has some great roots you can explore while at university.

In 2021 it was ranked number 1 in the world and has been there for several years according to Times Higher Education. It gas around 20,000 full-time students which isn’t bad for a university, however, I am sure it caps it’s students to maintain it’s standard in the leaderboard.

If you want to read more about what it is like to live in Oxford as a student, it’s safety rating and what you can get up to as a student: Oxford as a student.

For those who want to read more about the prestigious university and what life is like there as a student, this page will help: University of Oxford

Private Student Accommodation in Oxford

In this section I like to look what student accommodation is in Oxford that isn’t owned or managed by the university. This is generally known as Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

There are lots of benefits to living in this type of student accommodation, some them are:

  • Accommodation manager
  • CCTV
  • Social Events
  • Bills included
  • Free breakfasts
  • Free coffee
  • Bikes to use
  • Insurance included

There are many more benefits, however, not every accommodation will offer everything on the list, it depends what space they have.

In Oxford there is plenty of student accommodation around for students. They are spread throughout Oxford, however, they are all within walking and cycling distance of the university. If you are going to Oxford Brookes and want to live in student accommodation I would live in student accommodation that is closer to Headington. Oxford Brookes main campus sits just inside there.

Oxford Brookes has other campuses, for example it’s sports facilities are on the other side of town and can be quite a commute if you live near campus and play sport!

If you are based at their town centre campus, choosing the accommodations that are more towards the bottom of Oxford will make for a better commute.

As the university has many campuses, you ideally want to pick somewhere close to that college, each college will likely have some accommodation they operate nearby or on that campus, but if you are looking for private accommodation then it’s best to see where you might be based.

Map of student accommodation in Oxford
Map of student accommodation in Oxford

If you are searching for student accommodation as a first year, then you ideally need to start searching in the January before you go to university in that September. If you are a first year student going in to your second year then normally students start searching in the November or December.

You do have to wait for those in the accommodation to see if they want to re-book or not.

Some good student accommodation providers in Oxford are:

There are more accommodations in Oxford, however, I like what these are doing and achieving in the area!

If you are searching for student accommodation in Oxford and want to make sure that you find a good place, here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property
  • Make sure you check the quality of the bed, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Can everyone fit in to the communal areas
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Check the social calendar
  • Make sure your room has good storage

Want more detail? If you want me to go into more detail then this page will help: How to find your next student accommodation.

Student Housing in Oxford

Because there are so many students in Oxford and plenty of student accommodation, there is a lot of choice for students. A lot of students in Oxford still prefer to live in student housing for the time being.

Students that are searching for a student house, most start their search in late November or early December and book if they find a good place or wait until the new year.

The good points about student housing are that you can choose your location, it can be cost friendly, you can have a parking space and your own garden if you wish.

Most of the time the landlords and letting agents do a really good job of giving students a good experience with fast repairs and lots of chances to get freebies, win prizes, discounts and quality homes.

Some good student housing providers in Oxford are:

Best places to live in Oxford as a student are:

  • City Centre
  • Jericho
  • Summertown
  • Grandpoint and Abingdon
  • Headington
  • Marston
  • Kenilworth Avenue

City centre and Jericho are the most expensive because they are the ones closes to the centre of the town and you can be right on the doorstep of everything, however, you make the sacrifice of space if you live here.

Kenilworth Avenue is a good place to live, it is on the east side of Oxford, along with Headington. You can live in the surrounding areas around Kenilworth Avenue and you will have an easy commute to Oxford Brookes and Oxford University, however, Headington is great for Oxford Brookes students.

Abingdon is slightly further out and better for those with cars, but getting parked in Oxford can be a nightmare!

If you are searching for student housing in Oxford and want to make sure that you end up in a good place, then here are some quick tips for you:

  • Always view the property
  • Check the quality of each bedroom and amount of storage
  • Check the quality of the communal areas
  • Can everyone fit in the living, dining and kitchen if needed?
  • Read their tenancy agreement before booking
  • Check the subscription to local schemes and deposit schemes
  • Make sure it is designed well and functional

For those who would like more detail and more tips, this page will help you: How to find your next student accommodation.

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