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Student Accommodation in Preston
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Student Accommodation in Preston

Written by Sam | March 25, 2021

Preston is north of Manchester and is home to the university called UCLan, which stands for the University of Central Lancashire.

I would say that UCLan is most known for it’s engineering courses and spaces. It had a big investment into that space. For a university, you wouldn’t expect it to have the amount of students it does and it has just over 17,000 full time students according to the Times Higher Education.

This is good sized university and is growing and climbing the ranks.

Preston is north of Manchester and Liverpool and is just west of Blackburn. It has good rail links in to Manchester, Liverpool and Blackburn, however, the best of all is that you aren’t far away from Blackpool when you want a seaside break!

If you are searching for more information on Preston and what it is like as a student, some of the keys figures, what you can get up to and it’s safety rating, this page will help you: Preston as a student

Want more detail on UCLan? Then this page will give you some history, key figures and an overview of what you can get up to at the university: UCLan

Private Student Accommodation in Preston

In this section, I like to look at what student accommodation there is that isn’t owned by the university, this is usually called Purpose Built Student Accommodation.

Accommodation like this comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Accommodation manager
  • CCTV
  • On-site maintenance
  • Bills included
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Coffee
  • Airport pickups
  • Social events
  • Bikes to use

There are more benefits than this, however, not every accommodation provider will offer everything on the list, it depends on what space they have to offer.

The only downside can be the price compared to student housing, however, you have to decide which right for you based on what you value.

All the student accommodation in Preston is within walking distance of the train station and city centre. You are also close to the university, the furthest away is Newton House.

If you are at a different campus it will have different accommodation, this is only for the places in Preston!

Map of student accommodation in Preston
Map of student accommodation in Preston

A few good student accommodation providers in Preston are:

There are more than this in Preston, however, if you are searching for student accommodation and want to make sure that you find a good place to stay, here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property
  • Make sure you check the quality of the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
  • Make sure the communal areas are big enough for everyone in the flat
  • In the gym, cinema, games and study rooms, make sure there is plenty of room for multiple people
  • The design is functional in studios
  • Good quality furnishings
  • Read their tenancy agreement and cancellation policy

If you want more details on how to find a good quality student accommodation, this article will go into more detail: How to find your next student accommodation.

Student Housing in Preston

If you would prefer not to live in student accommodation and want to live in student housing instead, there are some good qualities to it, here are some:

  • Variety on locations
  • Choice of room size
  • Cheaper rent
  • Choose the right size house for your group
  • Variety of landlords and letting agents
  • Refurbed every couple of years

There are so many more benefits, but as a student if you are searching for a place in Preston, here are some of the best areas to live as a student:

  • Plunington
  • Ashton
  • Fulwood
  • Town centre

Plunington is a newer but very popular area in Preston. Ashton is in a similar area and close to the town centre and is, this is a another popular area with students.

Fulwood is a bit further out for students, but again many choose that way because they get a little bit more space in their house.

The average rent for a student in Preston for a house should be between £80-100 with bills included. If you are looking at studios the prices will be £100 plus depending on the size and quality.

Some good student housing providers in Preston are:

If you are searching for student housing and want to make sure that you find a good quality house, here are some tips:

  • Always view the house
  • Make sure you check each bedroom
  • Look at the quality of the fixtures and fittings (bed, desks and kitchens)
  • Read their tenancy agreement
  • Make sure it is designed well and functional
  • Check their accreditations

If you want to see more detail on how to find a good student house, this article will help: How to find your next student accommodation.

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