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Student Accommodation in Westminster
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Student Accommodation in Westminster

Written by Sam | April 7, 2021

There is a university in Westminster, it is the University of Westminster. However, when we look at student accommodation, there isn’t that much space in London to have a lot of accommodation.

Living in London as a student means that you will never run out of things to do, places to go or people to see because it is the capital. You have good access to transport and you can get around the country by hopping on one of the trains.

The university of Westminster also has more campuses and for this article, I am just focusing on the one in Westminster and the accommodation that is around there.

If you want to read more about the university of Westminster then this page will have some key statistics as well as showing what the university is known for. The University of Westminster.

If you want to read more about London and what you can do as a student, then this page will help you see what London is like as a student. London as a student.

Private Student Accommodation in Westminster

In this section, I like to look at what student accommodation is in Westminster that isn’t owned or managed by the university.

This type of student accommodation is known as Purpose Built Student Accommodation. It is designed for students and usually built with them in mind.

These accommodation blocks can come with a lot added extras, some of these are:

  • Accommodation manager
  • CCTV
  • Social events
  • Contents insurance
  • Free breakfasts
  • Free coffee
  • En-suites
  • Bills included
  • Gym, cinema, study and games rooms

There are more that you will find, however, not all student accommodation will offer everything due to space and budget they have.

As you can see there are a lot of student accommodations in London as you would expect. They are all close to train and tube stations and they all come with cycle storage so you can have a bike with you.

With it being in London, you don’t necessarily need to be within walking distance as you have the tube and cycle paths, plus you won’t have to go down many country lanes.

Map of student accommodation in Westminster
Map of student accommodation in Westminster

When you want to start searching for student accommodation, it is best to start searching in the January before you come or start university. This allows the accommodation to place in re-bookers and then know what is left for new students.

The average rent for student accommodation in Westminster is around £260 per week. This will include bills.

Some good student accommodation providers in Westminster are:

If you are searching for student accommodation and you want to make sure that you end up in a good place here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the accommodation
  • Check the quality of the bed, desk and en-suite
  • Make sure it is designed well and functional
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Check the cancellation policy
  • Make sure the buildings communal areas are fit for purpose
  • Look at the social events

If you need more detail on how to get good quality student accommodation, this article will help: How to find your next student accommodation.

Student Housing in Westminster

Trying to find a student house to share in the centre of London will be quite a task. You are more likely to find houses that are slightly further out of central London. What you will find are plenty of flats and apartments.

Most students start searching for a student house in late November or December and then book the house if they find a good house. This leads to a mini rush because students don’t want to miss out!

The average rent for a student house in Westminster is around £500 per week. This is because for prime locations you can pay up to £800 per week and then as you move around you can pick up rooms for £240 per week. You will need to add bills to both of these amounts.

Normally I like to describe good areas to live in an area, however, we are are getting very granular when it comes to London!

Some good places to live when studying at Westminster university:

  • Camden Town
  • Clerkenwell
  • Westminster
  • Lambeth

Lambeth is on the other side of the Thames and many might choose this area because it is slightly cheaper than living in Westminster.

When choosing you also need to remember that the university is at the top end of Westminster which is why Camden and Clerkenwell might be a good choice for students.

Some good student housing providers in and around Westminster are:

When searching for student housing and wanting to find a good quality house, here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the house
  • Look at the quality of the fixtures and fittings
  • Make sure there is plenty of storage
  • Are the communal areas big enough to fit everyone in
  • Get the inventory and read it
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Check any accreditations and deposit protection schemes

If you need more detail, this article will help: How to find your next student accommodation.

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