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Student Accommodation in Winchester
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Student Accommodation in Winchester

Written by Sam | April 7, 2021

Winchester is a city in the county of Hampshire, on the edge of England’s South Downs National Park. and is also home to the University of Winchester.

Winchester is still a smaller university and is becoming more and more established in the area. It does have some competition because it is close to Southampton, Portsmouth and Plymouth.

The main university campus, King Alfred, is a 10 minute walk to the city centre of Winchester.

Winchester is a small city, it means you can get around easily on foot or by bike and you won’t need to catch many buses to get to other campuses. You are close to the train station and there is a motorway right next to the city.

If you want to read more on Winchester, here is a page dedicated to Winchester for students.

As a student you want to find out more about the University of Winchester, this is a page giving you some important stats on the university. University of Winchester

Private Student Accommodation in Winchester

In this section, I like to look at what student accommodation is in Winchester that isn’t owned or managed by the university.

This type of student accommodation is known as Purpose Built Student Accommodation. It is designed for students and usually built with them in mind.

These accommodation blocks can come with a lot added extras, some of these are:

  • Accommodation manager
  • CCTV
  • Social events
  • Contents insurance
  • Free breakfasts
  • Free coffee
  • En-suites
  • Bills included
  • Gym, cinema, study and games rooms

There are more that you will find, however, no all student accommodation will offer everything due to the space and budget they have.

Map of student accommodation in Winchester
Map of student accommodation in Winchester

In all honesty, there isn’t a massive amount of private student accommodation in Winchester. The reason why that possibly is because of the student population. The university has enough halls to cover a lot and most move in to student housing after their first year.

The average rent for student accommodation in Winchester should be around £160 per week with everything included. You will get en-suites for slightly cheaper and larger studios will be more expensive, most like push into the £200 per week.

When searching for accommodation, it is best to generally start looking and researching in the January before you start, assuming you start in September.

Some good student accommodation providers in Winchester are:

This will allow those in the accommodation to re-book if they wish and you can then see the rooms and accommodations available.

If you are searching for accommodation and want to find a good quality place to live, here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the property
  • Make sure there is plenty of storage
  • Check the quality of the bed, desk, and bathrooms
  • Can you fit everyone in the communal areas for the flat
  • Does the buildings communal areas have big enough spaces
  • Read their tenancy agreement
  • Check their cancellation policy
  • Check the inventory to see what it comes with

Want more detail on how to find your next student accommodation, this article will help: How to find your next student accommodation.

Student Housing in Winchester

Due to the number of students that go to Winchester uni and the amount of university and private student accommodation, there is going to be quite a lot of housing for students.

A lot of students start searching for their next student house in November and December. If they find a good house, they usually book it for the following year so they don’t lose it. This leads to a mini rush so students don’t miss out on any houses!

When looking at what areas you want to live in, there are some main students areas in Winchester, which are:

  • Stanmore
  • Winnall
  • Hyde and Fulflood
  • Badger Farm
  • City Centre

These areas all very close to Winchester, the most expensive will be in the city centre. Stanmore is probably the most popular area with students due to it’s location, however, Winnall is just north of the city centre and sits in a good position.

Some good student housing providers in Winchester are:

The average rent for a student house in Winchester is around £110 per week without bills. If bills are included, the price will be higher. The price will also vary depending on the location and size of the room.

When searching for student housing and wanting to find a good quality house, here are some quick tips:

  • Always view the house
  • Look at the quality of the fixtures and fittings
  • Make sure there is plenty of storage
  • Are the communal areas big enough to fit everyone in
  • Get the inventory and read it
  • Read the tenancy agreement
  • Check any accreditations and deposit protection schemes

If you need more detail, this article will help: How to find your next student accommodation.

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