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What Should I Look For in Student Accommodation?
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What Should I Look For in Student Accommodation?

Written by Sam | April 9, 2021

When you get to a point where you are searching for student accommodation and you want to know the key points of what to look at, here are some quick tips.

Always remember something to take a picture and to make notes on, always go with your friends if it’s a house and then you can decide as a group.

What should you look for in student accommodation:

  • Design – is it thought out and functional or are you going to struggle to have everyone in there.
  • Room size – there are minimums set by the local authority, but look at the size of the bedrooms and the communal spaces. Everyone needs to be able to sit in the communal areas at least!
  • Fixtures and fittings – by this I mean the bed, desk, wardrobe, cupboards, cookers, fridges bathrooms, and anything else attached to the walls. This might sound a lot, but just make sure they are sturdy, not about to fall off, and fit for purpose.
  • Location – massively important, make sure that you are happy with where it is placed.
  • Tenancy agreement – Read it before booking, make sure you know what you are liable for.
  • Inventory – This is what you will get in the house or accommodation. It will detail the condition and what they expect back, anything that isn’t handed back how you got it means a loss of a deposit.
  • Attitude – What?! Well if they have a good property in a good location, they know it’s going to sell, they aren’t going to push you. If they are forcing it on you, I would just be wary.
  • Rent & Bills included – This will come under your tenancy but ask what the situation is and they will let you know.

This is mainly designed for student housing, if you are looking at student accommodation with a private company and a big block, then you can use all those items but I would also look at these areas:

  • Socials – See what events they hold, this will also give you an insight to what type of experience you might have.
  • The Buildings Communal Areas – Make sure they are fit for purpose and the games room isn’t just a table tennis table in the corner of a larger room.
  • Pricing – They will have set tenancy lengths and the price will differ from shorter to longer.
  • Cleanliness – Make sure that the building is kept clean, especially after the pandemic.

If you want to add to this list or make any recommendations, please let me know.

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