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How to Find Student Accommodation UK
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How to Find Student Accommodation UK

Written by Sam | April 12, 2021

If you are an international student or from within the UK, how do you find student accommodation that you can rely on to be good quality.

I’ll aim to break it into a few simple steps that you can follow. After that give it a try and ask me any questions if you need to!

The Processes of Finding Student Accommodation

For me these are the steps, if you want to call them that of finding student accommodation.

  • Research
  • Viewings
  • Booking

Let’s break them down.

Researching Accommodation

This all starts with generally looking online and looking in any estate windows and see what student accommodation and properties they have available.

Make sure you take a good look online, try lots of different search terms and get a list of landlords and providers in the area.

In this stage, what you are doing is basically understanding what there is in your area. You want to see who has good quality accommodation, the cost, good locations, bills included and how many beds.

Understand what you want from your accommodation and save all the places that meet those needs from different agents.

If you are booking a studio in a big block, everything is pretty much included, you just need to compare the blocks to the one that meets your needs the most and then view it.

When you start searching there are plenty of sites you can use, Google is your friend, there are sites like ours but, a lot of the smaller landlords don’t list and they won’t be at the top of Google. They will likely be with a letting agent or operating by themselves, you will most likely find them on Facebook or Instagram.

Viewing the Accommodation

You have found all the properties that meet your needs and requirements, these can be anything from beds, price, location and space. It doesn’t matter, a lot of the time it can and does hinge on location and cost.

When viewing there are some key points to look out for:

  • Quality of the fixtures and fittings used, I don’t mean marble worktops. Just good materials put in well that’s not wobbly
  • Condition of the property – Is it clean as you walk around and is everything well maintained
  • It is well designed and functional – Is it thought out or do things just not make sense
  • Big communal areas – Can everyone actually fit in front of the TV
  • Storage does it have enough or enough potential storage
  • Bills included or not

Before booking there are some key steps after or during the viewing you will need to do and that is read their tenancy agreement and inventory.

An inventory is what you will get in the property and what condition it is in, if you hand the property back without something and in bad condition, then you will charged for it.

Specifically for student accommodation blocks, such as studios and apartments, you will need to look at:

  • Design and use of space
  • Storage
  • Tenancy length
  • Location
  • Added extras – What is in the building
  • Social events
  • Communal area size

It is important to view properties. The reason for this is because that you can see so much more than what you can on a virtual viewing. You are able to look at all the spaces, see the rooms, the detail and judge the landlord or letting agent.

For me, it’s always good to view several properties with several agents and landlords and this way you can judge what is good and bad in the area. You will soon know if you are being ripped off!

If you can’t get to view the property, then getting the letting agent, landlord or accommodation provider to give you a walk around will be the next best thing and on that, you can ask any questions you like and have them written down!

Booking Your Student Accommodation

Once you have done all the above and you want to book the student accommodation this is the easy bit.

Bare in mind, as soon as you sign on the dotted lines, you will enter in to a contract and it could cost you to get out of it.

To book all you need to do is either go through the website you found the accommodation on, reply to their email or give them a call. Each will have their own process.

You will need to sign the contracts and then later on be prepared to pay a deposit or the first instalment of rent closer to the time.

If you are going through a booking agent (someone like us), your rent won’t be higher, so you don’t need to worry about that!

After that, you just make sure that closer the time you make the arrangements to get the keys at an appropriate time.

If you are flying in from abroad, make sure that you get a flight that lands during working hours in the UK or else offices will be closed.


The three steps are:

  • Research
  • Viewings
  • Booking

Make sure you spend time researching the houses and accommodation that you want to live in, make sure know what you want from your accommodation, such as beds, prices etc.

When searching, make sure you try lots of different approaches like Google, Facebook, Instagram and comparison websites to get a good picture of what is in your area.

Go on multiple viewings with multiple agents to get a benchmark of the quality and look for a few key aspects which are:

  • Quality
  • Condition
  • Design & functionality
  • Communal areas
  • Bills included
  • Storage
  • Social events

It will alter depending on whether you want a student house or accommodation, however, the basics are the same, it is still best to view. Make sure you read the tenancy and check the inventory to see what it comes with.

After you are happy, you just need to book. It’s best to book where you found the property and they will arrange the booking for you.

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