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How to Win The Student Accommodation and Housing Race
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How to Win The Student Accommodation and Housing Race

Written by Sam | April 19, 2021

It’s not a race as such, but what tends to happen is that a lot of houses and accommodations get busier from around November on wards because second years want to move from their university halls and into a student house.

I disagree with the timings because you’ve probably been at university a month and people truly reveal all habits when you lives with them! However, on the flip side, if a group finds a good student property, they will book it meaning that you start losing all the good properties to choose from as they get taken.

How do you win this student accommodation and housing race? Well you can’t ‘win’ it as such but you can put yourself in a good position.

Student Housing Timeline

  • September – Start university
  • November – At the end of November many start looking for student accommodation or housing, however, the current students get the first pick of whether they want to stay in the accommodation or not. After that it’s then open to anyone who wants to book it!

In the following months December, January, February and March more and more students tend to start searching and booking. It’s usually a down period for Christmas and New Year but then picks up again afterwards.

In January, you will also have international students starting and they will be searching for student accommodation in November and December.

Clearing also starts at the beginning of July, this means that some can apply through clearing and they will be searching for student housing relatively last minute.

How To Get The Best House or Accommodation at University

This is relative as everyone will have different needs and wants, however, in order to find the best providers you need to start from the bottom and work your way up.

  • The first step is to do your research. If you start doing this in November it will put you in a good position.
  • Secondly, know who you are going to live with and then what your budget is.

This is important because you then get a list of houses that have the right beds and for the right amount. The last thing you want is to find a house that is a bed too short and needing to cut someone from the group.

Make sure that you find plenty of houses from different providers. Make sure you search a variety of ways. I am biased but using a website like ours is a good way, however, you will find many landlords that aren’t on the first page of Google but have very good Instagram profiles.

Viewings – View multiple houses and accommodation as this will help you to understand what is good and what is bad in your city! There are a lot of local agents as well as national and international student accommodation providers.

Don’t be afraid booking plenty of viewings on different houses, just make sure you can keep a record of them all!

Once you know the good student accommodation and housing providers you can then choose the house that you like from them.

This process doesn’t have to take long, however, if you start it in March, there isn’t going to be much left.

To have the best chance of finding good quality student accommodation and housing, you will need to start in November and December with research and viewings.

Before You Book – Do This

Before you book your student accommodation or housing, you need to do some more steps. Not massive, but this is just to make sure that you don’t get stitched up with bad housing.

  • Read their tenancy agreement
  • Check the inventory to see what you get in the house
  • Make sure you check any accreditations to make sure they are compliant
  • Try and speak to some students in their houses

After these several steps, you should know if they are a trustworthy agent or not and then feel confident booking with them.


Student housing and accommodation can move quickly once the metaphoric snowball gets rolling and the reason for this is because that students start booking out of fear of not having a place for the following year and losing out on the good houses.

This won’t happen, in most cities, there is a lot of student accommodation and housing, however, there isn’t enough good quality or it sits outside of what a student needs, or wants.

To get the best student accommodation, it all begins with research on knowing what you want in terms of beds and prices and then you can start finding who the good providers in your area are and this is done by viewing all the houses.

After that, once you have read the tenancy agreement and checked their other credentials like deposit protection, accreditations, inventory and online presence you can then be happy in making a decision whether they are a good student housing or accommodation provider.

If you want to go the extra mile, see if you can speak to some of their current students. If the agent isn’t around, you will be able to get the truth about what it is like living with that provider!

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