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How to be a Good Housemate
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How to be a Good Housemate

Written by Sam | April 27, 2021

If you are going to university this year and living with other students, who you may not have met yet OR you are going to be living in a house with some friends and you don’t want to be that annoying one, here are some quick tips to help you be a good house mate:

  • Don’t leave your washing up for everyone else
  • Don’t leave all your stuff in the communal areas
  • Keep on top of the house hygiene – especially the kitchen and bathroom
  • Plan some nights in and out for the house
  • Cook for the house
  • Don’t nick their food or utensils – Always ask, they will most likely say yes!
  • If you don’t have bills included – pay whoever is managing it on time
  • Respect their boundaries

Washing Up

Lets be honest, no one likes it, it isn’t enjoyable and it can be made easier with a dish washer if you have one. However, if you can wash as you go, or even have days where people do the washing up then that makes it fair and simple for everyone in the house.

The quicker you find the process the better it will be. Our house used to run out of forks for weeks because no one wanted to wash anything up.

Communal Areas

Try not to fill it with lots of items, especially if you live in a house. If everyone keeps their belongings in there it can become very cluttered very quickly.

Instead try and keep your items in your room or in some cupboard in the house.,

It’s the same in the kitchen, try and keep items in your cupboard and that way people know it is yours and then it’s not just left on the worktop.


Make sure that you keep the house clean, it will get messy very quickly.

Having a rota of hoovering, bathroom cleans, kitchen cleans, dusting and everything else will help keep it fair and make sure it doesn’t get too messy. If it gets too bad it could result in you losing some of the deposit you put down.

No one wants to clean others people mess constantly, so it’s fair to create a system or process where it’s done evenly and then as a house you can make sure it all clean and fair.

Nights in and out

As a group of friends, you will all have different commitments, clubs, societies, and timetables you want to do. Make sure every so often that you plan to spend some time together whether that’s having a night in or out. If not, 3 years will have gone by and then you will have barely seen your housemates.

Getting that time together can bring everyone back as a group and enjoy it because it doesn’t last forever.

For us, we used to have game nights or put films on the projector.

Cooking for the house

Every so often, this can be classed as a night in as well, but instead of cooking for one, cook for the whole house.

It can be cheaper than making one meal as you can split the cost and you can make something really cheap like pasta bake!

You can even have a takeaway but you need to check funds, plus cooking it means you can spend more time together!

Stealing their food or utensils

This happens far more than you think it might. It starts with, I’ll just use a little bit to then owing a 3kg bag of pasta.

This also happens with pots, pans and everything else. One time you want to use it after a busy day and it’s not there.

If you are going to use something or you need something that your friend has, please always ask and then if they do say you can us it, either buy it back or wash it up after you have used it and that way it’s not up to them to replace or wash!

There is nothing more frustrating than coming back after a long day to find your food has been taken and your pans in the washing up bowl! Most of the time they will say yes!

Paying bills

If you haven’t got bills included in the rent and you have sorted them out between yourselves, then please pay whoever is paying the bills on time.

All the money will come out of their account and it’s not easy asking for money from others. They will have to live of whatever they have in their account until everyone put’s their bit in.

It will stop a lot of friction and falling out between the house!


Each person has their own space and boundary which is theirs and theirs alone. At some point, it is likely you will cross this boundary accidentally, however, please make sure you don’t cross this boundary on purpose and to annoy them!

Each person needs that place for a little bit of sanity, it can be something like their bedroom or some of their personal items.

Make sure you respect their boundaries and try not to cross them!

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