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How to Stay Safe When Viewing Student Houses
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How to Stay Safe When Viewing Student Houses

Written by Sam | May 3, 2021

I personally have never heard of anything bad happening on viewings with students, however, due to a good response on Instagram, I decided to write a way to stay safe on property viewings!

I just wanted to put together a few tips to help students be safe when viewing a house or accommodation.

Here are some ways to stay safe:

  • Take a friend or go as your group – You don’t actually need to be living together, they can still be with you!
  • Get picked up from the agent’s office – Some agents offer a ‘taxi service’ going to their offices is a way to make sure you are with the right person and agent!
  • Take your phone with you and make sure you have your location turned on
  • Make others aware of your viewing if you are going alone
  • Confirm the name of the agent who will be doing your viewing and confirm who they are when you get to your property – Other good signs are passes and branded items such as lanyards.

If there is anything untoward at all or seems suspicious, ring the letting agent office and get them to confirm everything with you.

As a student going to view a property, please try and take some simple precautions, the best I think is taking someone with you, it also gives you a second opinion on the property and another set of eyes for when you come to deciding which is best for you.

However, avoiding anything like this can come down to your common sense of judging the situation.

As you are organising your viewings make sure that the people you are talking to are credible and you can do this in a few ways:

  • Calling them and talking to them – asking lots of questions and seeing their responses
  • Going to speak to them in their offices
  • Speaking to previous and current tenants in their properties
  • Researching them online – Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

You can mitigate any bad experiences with a little bit of research and digging around!

I also want to put the shoe on the other foot, those people doing the viewings are also taught how to keep themselves safe when doing viewings for students just in case anything bad is to happen to them.

I hope this has been helpful and I would like to say thank you to Redbrick Properties Leeds for offering some help and advice to complete the blog!

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