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Best Way to Find a Student House
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Best Way to Find a Student House

Written by Sam | May 28, 2021

Is there a best way to find a student house in the UK? Well, there are many different ways like everything, people generally tend to find the way that suits them.

When it comes to finding a student house when you may have only been in the area a short time, unsure of who you are going to live with and have never signed a contract for a house before you are going to want to go through some processes before signing your name to a house.

For me, the best way to find a student house is to use the following steps:

  • Know the number of beds, where you want to live and for how much (price per month)
  • Then go and view those houses that fit your criteria
  • Research the letting agent, landlord or student accommodation provider
  • Check contracts and tenancy agreements
  • Book

Best to start here:

For me, the best place to start when searching for a student house is to know the amount of beds, location and price you can afford.

Here is my reason why!

There are lots of different houses with different amount of beds, you can reduce your search drastically by knowing how many people you are going to live with.

Location, you can choose to be in a nice green area, student area or anything else. You just need to know what suits you. It might be that you don’t want to commute and live on the university’s doorstep.

If you can’t afford the options, then this will reduce your options again and give you a list that you can view.

Viewings – A very important step

Viewings allow you to get in the house and take a good look around at the quality of it, design and functionality of the overall house.

You can take a look at all the bedrooms and then really see if the location will work for you.

If you haven’t seen our guide on what you need to do on viewings please see it here.

You don’t need to sign on the day before you leave the house and always make sure that you look at more than one house to get a benchmark of what is good and what is bad!

Research the landlord/ letting agent / student accommodation provider

You might think i’m slightly mad, however, it needs to be done. You want to see what kind of experience you are going to have, this ultimately shapes and forms the base of your university life.

If the property is run down, needs a lot of maintenance and you don’t get answers from the whoever is looking after the probably it’s a lot of extra stress and hassle when you would rather be enjoying life.

Make sure you speak to people already in their properties, look online and see if they have an accreditations. You will be able to tell what type of landlord they are by their existing properties.

Contracts & Tenancy Agreements

If you have found the perfect house and you want to book it, before you book, just have a look at the contract and make sure that you know what you are responsible for.

A good example is joint and several tenancy agreements and guarantors. This means that if one person in the group leaves, you can be liable for that person’s rent if they don’t pay. This puts everyone else in a tough situation.

Just make sure you know what you are liable for as an individual and a group so that you can make sure to stay on top of it.


Go ahead and book – you can do this in many ways. Then sit back and relax. If you search through us, we only allow good quality student accommodation and housing on the site. We know that our providers offer a good experience which will give you a peace of mind.

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