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Living Alone as a Student
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Living Alone as a Student

Written by Sam | June 6, 2021

If you are a living alone as a student can be a double edged sword because you get your own space, you have control over your immediate surroundings and you can decide who comes and when.

On the flip side of that it can feel lonely and it can be frustrating because everything is up to you.

If you are a student that is living in a studio here are some tips to help you when you need it most and to make the most of your studio!

I am no psychologist, however, I have lived by myself and these are more from experience than anything else.

Ways To Make The Most of Living Alone

Living alone isn’t a bad thing, I personally quite like being alone however, on the flipside, I also play team sports.

However, there are some certain things I would recommend to help you when things are little tough and life is testing you!

  • Have a group of friends you can trust – Be in a group in WhatsApp or something similar
  • Social events are a good thing – even if you don’t know anyone
  • Exercise will make you feel better – Just getting out for a walk will help
  • Invite your friends over – Let people in to your life!
  • Attending events in your accommodation block
  • Keep your studio clean and organised
  • Make sure you stick to healthy foods

There will be so many more, however, the theme I am going with is that getting out, getting active and seeing people is a good thing. Having a group of friends that you can rely and trust is also key for when it gets tough!

When you are living alone it is so easy to not do the hoovering, the washing up and to order takeaways however, all this can compound everything. Make sure that you try and stick to a routine because that will help keep you on track.

I personally use a planner to plan my days and weeks and have reminders in my outlook for bits like meetings.

How to Make The Most of Your Space

As someone that lives alone, you have full control over everything in your studio, that doesn’t mean you should do nothing with it. Try and make it bright, keep it clean and have some plants in there to add lots of different textures and colours!

Living inside a plain box is not going to do anything for a lot of people, so here are my tips to help you create a space that you might like:

  • Plants even fake ones create different colours. Get ones that don’t need a lot of watering, its a bonus
  • Pillows, cushions and blankets – having a little stash will help create a layer of comfort
  • Lamps – a lot of people use salt lamps, however, you can add a lot of colour with lamps
  • Keep it clean and organised – I don’t mean spotless but you need space to move
  • Fresh air – even in winter it’s good to open the window
  • Photos – If you have a desk area, don’t be afraid to put them up. They can be anything
  • Storage – Try and get everything in a place so you have lots of space on the floor rather than having everything out

There will be lots more but these are the ones that I like and found useful for me.

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