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Student Accommodation in Your City Blogs

Written by Sam | June 14, 2021

If you haven’t seen our blogs where we break down the student accommodation and housing in each area where there is a university, please use the links below to see what I’m on about. However, we give a list of stats and providers that are in the area, some we work with and some we don’t.

We wanted to build a blog that gives you an overview of where students live, what there is to do, where the university is and some of the good providers in the area because many might not show up in search results on Google and we want to give them a platform.

If you operate, manage or own any student accommodation in any city in the UK and you want to be featured on those blogs, please just send us your website, Instagram or Facebook so we can have a peek around.

After that if we think you offer some good student accommodation then we will list you on the blogs.

There is no charge for this, we just want to show students the best places to stay in that city and where to find the best accommodation.

Some examples of the blogs are:

After we have dropped you on those pages we will send you a link!


This is a question I get a lot. My main reason for this is because I want to get students into good quality student accommodation. Secondly, some of the smaller landlords, letting agents and investors get pushed down on search engines due to all the ads and other accommodation providers with big budgets and we want to give them a platform as well where they can be showcased if they provide good quality student accommodation.