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Unite Students Review
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Unite Students Review

Written by Sam | July 5, 2021

In this blog, what I want to do is review Unite Students. I don’t want to review each one of their locations because they might add or take some away, however, they will all be a reflection of their brand and company that sits behind the student accommodation.

If there is something you want to know and I haven’t included it, please let me know and then I can add it into this review and future ones!

The Company: Unite Students

The company is a big company and Unite Students forms part of the Unite Group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Why is this important, well as a company that has shareholders, very similar to investors, it can give them some resistance when making decisions and it could potentially be slow at implementing the decisions depending on how big they are or their infrastructure is.

On the flip slide, it does mean you can have peace of mind when booking because they are listed on the stock exchange and you can read plenty about the company on various independent websites, meaning they are a legitimate company.

As a company it seems their focus is on, locations, choice of rooms, bills included and plenty of social spaces. They are in 25 cities and have several accommodations in some areas.

They can also act as a management company on behalf of universities to manage their buildings.

As a company, I think they are looking to do the right things and create the right culture within their student accommodation to make it enjoyable for students.

During COVID, they did offer a few rent reductions and a couple of weeks extra stay in summer free of charge to students if they needed it. This was a positive sign at the time, they couldn’t offer anything more as they still needed to operate but I believe it did help students.

Unite Students Accommodation Locations

Currently, they have accommodations in:

  • Aberdeen
  • Bath
  • Bedford
  • Birmingham
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Coventry
  • Durham
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Loughborough
  • Manchester
  • Medway
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Oxford
  • Portsmouth
  • Reading
  • Sheffield
  • Southampton

One of their big missions is to focus on location within the city, something that will be everyone’s big priority. However, due to their size and brand, they can get in some quite good locations and build some student good looking accommodation. In some cities, they have more than one accommodation they may be in 25 cities but will have many more student accommodations as they can have multiple in each city.

Accommodation Review

Their accommodations from what I can see is designed to be colourful and social. They have a big focus on the social spaces in their buildings and they look like they have games areas, cinema rooms, gyms and general communal areas to sit and study.

In their accommodation, they seem to have a good amount of storage in their rooms, regardless of whether it is an en-suite or studio and this is a good thing because everyone needs storage.

You can get a range of rooms starting with an en-suite and shared kitchen going all the way up to a deluxe studio and they have price brackets for each, it is always worth checking the amount of space you get in the studios because getting a bedroom, kitchen and toilet in one space can be a big ask and can leave you, the student, with some awkward spaces.

They also focus on having a good study space, again, most good quality accommodations will have this anyway, but some will put a shoddy desk in a corner and call it a study space.

You can see more about what they do for students under the ‘Your Wellbeing‘ page.

Overall, I think they put some good touches on their properties and they offered students a discount when COVID hit which shows what they are like.

Processes and Systems

This probably the less exciting part of the review, however, it is one that should hold a big weight in your decision of who you will choose to stay with.

Cancellation – If the cancellation is genuine, then the policy is really quite flexible, especially if you give enough time to re-book the room. For example, if you didn’t get the grades, a visa or had to drop out for an extenuating circumstance then they are really helpful. For a genuine cancellation it could cost you nothing, however, if you have decided not to attend or switch to another provider then you would be held to your signed contract. If they can fill your room or you have someone else to move in, it could mean a full take over of the contract and no money lost. However, unless it’s for a genuine reason I think that is completely fair.

Please make sure that you read this before you book!

Booking – They have a booking process on their website, I have never been all the way through it, however, it looks well communicated and set up. As an existing student, I assume you will need to go into the portal to sort all your accommodation out. You will need to have your guarantor details as well if you require one.

Communications with students – I personally would say this is quite good, with COVID they had reductions in place and the main way these were communicated was through the website.

Events – They do have events, they run them in their social spaces. They also get external events in whether that is comedians or chefs to do tutorials or shows. Please be aware events may happen in each accommodation, they all won’t have the same events in every accommodation and is unique.


Unite students are a big company and being listed on a stock exchange can be a double edge sword for me personally. As a student, you know they are a legitimate company and have to stick to certain regulations but also implementing changes will be a little slower due to the structure.

Their accommodations have a lot of thought in them, they aren’t bland and they do offer plenty of good and varying spaces for students to choose from in a variety of locations.

They have 25 locations and have multiple properties in that one city which gives you a choice on where you want to live.

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