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Axo Student Review
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Axo Student Review

Written by Sam | July 8, 2021

In this blog, what I want to do is review Axo Student. I don’t want to review each one of their locations because they might add or take some away, however, they will all be a reflection of their brand and company that sits behind the student accommodation.

If there is something you want to know and I haven’t included it, please let me know and then I can add it into this review and future ones!

The Company: Axo Student

Axo student is a company that has been created to fill the gaps in the sector by allowing a good deal of flexibility with its bookings and it’s short term stays. This really helps students because they have that flexibility of the length of their stay and when they can arrive and depart.

The company is very agile and is slightly smaller than others that I have reviewed but that isn’t a bad thing. They still want to exceed student expectations, offer some brilliant short term and long term stays and finally, make sure that the students are having a good experience with their Axo Life!

The company is focused on giving students a good experience for their students. I believe they own their accommodations which means they have complete control if they do. They can offer incentives, run events, have laundry in rooms and they can make it happen as they own the buildings.

Axo is really transparent and clear when it comes to communications and I think that really helps them.

Axo’s Accommodation Locations

Currently, they have accommodations in:

  • London
  • Coventry
  • Suffolk
  • Sunderland

They have more than one property in each location and they have properties spread out in those areas, especially in London which is a really handy aspect when looking for student accommodation.

One aspect I would say is that they offer a sliding pay scale, which means the fewer rooms which are available the more expensive the price is. This is designed to entice students into booking a room which gives Axo certainty of bookings and the students get lower rates.

Accommodation Review

Within their accommodations, they focus heavily on the design and quality of the rooms but then their real show stoppers are their social spaces.

Each accommodation is built off the same foundations, so to speak, of community, social and a good experience. This means that they put a lot of time and effort into their social spaces because they want to host a lot of events in there or out in the surrounding areas.

You can see some of the events they hold here: Axo Life

The rooms are kept simple, many places have lots of different room types and these are kept to apartments and studios. Within each room type, they give you plenty of space and storage to keep all your belongings neat and tidy.

The rooms come with so much, more than I can list so I’ll include a picture of what you can get in Manchester, they won’t all be the same, but will be very similar!

They have a good short term option for students as well, arguably one of the best I have seen in terms of short term bookings and stays. They are pretty flexible as long as they have the space available.

On top of that, you can get dual occupancy on a lot of their studios, even though this isn’t a new thing, only paying an extra £30 a week isn’t a bad deal when you split the whole rent between two people! If you want more on dual occupancy and sharing with a partner, you can read this article.

Processes and Systems

This probably the less exciting part of the review, however, it is one that should hold a big weight in your decision.

Cancellation – If the cancellation is genuine, then the policy is really quite flexible, especially if you give enough time to re-book the room. For example, if you didn’t get the grades, a visa or had to drop out for an extenuating circumstance then they are really helpful. For a genuine cancellation it could cost you nothing, however, if you have decided not to attend or switch to another provider then you would be held to your signed contract. If they can fill your room or you have someone else to move in, it could mean a full take over of the contract and no money lost. However, unless it’s for a genuine reason I think that is completely fair.

Please make sure that you read their cancellation policy before you book! With COVID they put in a temporary policy that allowed you to swap and change which was really helpful for many students.

Booking – This is super simple. You can book on their website and it will give you their latest price for the room and contract length. You can reserve the room in minutes. They have a deposit which you pay and then the room is assigned to you. If you cancel as per the reason above, then this is refunded straight back to you. After you’ve initially processed the booking via their website, you just need to follow a few simple steps to confirm your identity, University details, choose what rent payment term you want and then sign your contract. If you need a guarantor then you will need to fill this out as well.

Communications with students – Very high. They use their accommodation managers a lot and they have their own groups and portals to stay in students. Alongside social media, they manage to stay in contact with students a lot.

Events – They have run events for students to meet other residents and stay on top of their mental health. I have heard they run a good Yoga class in some of their accommodations!


I like Axo, they have such a good offering for students in terms of dual occupancy, room range, price points and features. They aren’t as ‘high-end and boutique’ as other providers but they do the basics well and that gives many students the confidence to book again.

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