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The Student Housing Company Review
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The Student Housing Company Review

Written by Sam | July 14, 2021

In this blog, what I want to do is review The Student Housing Company. I don’t want to review each one of their locations because they might add or take some away, however, they will all be a reflection of their brand and company that sits behind the student accommodation.

If there is something you want to know and I haven’t included it, please let me know and then I can add it into this review and future ones!

The Company: The Student Housing Company

The Student Housing Company are owned by GSA or Global Student Accommodation. They are a big company that has a lot of student accommodation around the world.

You can see their website here: https://thestudenthousingcompany.com/

As a brand, I do enjoy their promises and missions and they are a relatively new company in the grand scheme is businesses. They set up in 2011 and have grown quickly, however, it has been part of GSA.

As a company, they keep a good community spirit in their accommodation even though they are a big company, they also, in my opinion, kept that same connection a smaller company has with students.

They have some good policies and procedures in place for students to make their life easy, especially as an international student. I will cover more of these bits later but take a look as to what they stand for here: About The Student Housing Company

They aren’t focussing on offering everything in order to attract students, they go for excellent service with buildings in good locations at prices which are reasonable and they have proven it works with their growth.

On a side note, they have a good page on Wellbeing.

The Student Housing Companys’ Accommodation Locations

Currently, they have accommodations in:

  • Birmingham
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Lancaster
  • Lincoln
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Plymouth
  • Portsmouth
  • Sheffield
  • Southampton

In terms of the location in the city, they aim to get around the university and city centre, like most will do and there will be big competition in those areas. In some cities, they also have more than one building for students.

Accommodation Review

With their accommodations, they focus on having a really good service for students and it is close to the university. Some examples would be checking in, repairs, events and support for students. They have a good network to make sure they have a good experience.

Their accommodations also contain what has now become a standard which is a desk, chair, storage and bed. In some places, they have single beds in their en-suite rooms and then smaller doubles in other rooms.

Their newer buildings will look better than the ones they have had for years, this is the same with any operator, however, they keep on top of the design aspect and make sure they are looking good.

When you live with them, they also contain social spaces and most often outside space for students to have BBQ’s relax, watch TV and study.

Because they keep it simple, it means that they can keep on top of everything in their places and I like that aspect for a company like TSHC.

The rooms come with so much, more than I can list so I’ll include a picture of what you can get in Manchester, they won’t all be the same, but will be very similar!

Room Features Student Housing Company
Room Features Student Housing Company
Room Features Student Housing Company

Processes and Systems

This probably the less exciting part of the review, however, it is one that should hold a big weight in your decision.

Cancellation – If the cancellation is genuine, then the policy is really quite flexible, especially if you give enough time to re-book the room. For example, if you didn’t get the grades, a visa or had to drop out for an extenuating circumstance then they are really helpful. For a genuine cancellation it could cost you nothing, however, if you have decided not to attend or switch to another provider then you would be held to your signed contract. If they can fill your room or you have someone else to move in, it could mean a full take over of the contract and no money lost. However, unless it’s for a genuine reason I think that is completely fair.

Please make sure that you read their cancellation policy before you book!

Booking – This is super simple. You can book on their website and it will give you their latest price for the room and contract length. You can reserve the room in minutes if you have all your documents to hand. After you’ve initially processed the booking via their website, you just need to follow a few simple steps to confirm your identity, University details, choose what rent payment term you want and then sign your contract and the room is yours!

Communications with students – Their communication with students is good. The main route is through their accommodation managers and the use of their portals and groups. You will also find a lot of messages go on their notice board in accommodations for students to join in on any events.

Events – They have some good events. The best place to see these are Instagram and YouTube. They have some good BBQs and events inside. Like many other places, they listen to what students want and see if they can get it!


For a company as big as The Student Housing Company I think they do a good job of managing all their accommodations over the world. However, focusing on the ones in the UK, they have good facilities for students, they have fair rents and host a lot of events with a big focus on well-being.

As a company, they have some strong values and missions and that means you know what you are going to get when you move in. Just some are that they will have quick repairs, focus on well-being and great service for students.

For a company of their size, they are reliable and yet have a good connection with students, especially international students.

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