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How to Compare Student Bill Management Companies
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How to Compare Student Bill Management Companies

Written by Sam | August 20, 2021

If you are looking at getting your bills sorted and managed but they all look a bit the same then, I do agree, they do all manage bills but here are some things that I have learned in the process of finding a partner to look after the bills.

They are not all the same or get the same deals

Many will work with the same companies such as BT and Sky if they can get a foot in the door, however, if one provider works with more and has more houses, then they are likely able to access a better deal. It’s a bit of a catch 22 if you are the owner.

Make sure you look at the packages they offer, what they can build for you and definitely get a few quotes.

Management Fees

Not all will charge you, the student, management fees. They may have a slightly different charging structure. In previous articles, I have mentioned being charged a management fee, but the horizon seems to be adapting and evolving.

Management fees aren’t bad providing the company does a good job of handling the bills. If they do charge management fees make sure you find out what they are!


When looking for bill providers, you do have the option of if you would like to go down a sustainable route or not. If you are conscious of sustainability, please check the management company and the companies that they use who provide the utility.


When getting quotes make sure that you get an array of contracts. There are student-only contracts which are nine months, however, they can be more expensive than the 12-month contracts.

When you are setting them up make sure you ask the question as to how long you will have them and the cost difference.

Also remember that if you go into a contract for 12 months, you could be paying a month’s worth of bills and not using anything, an example is Wifi

Wifi & Wifi Speed

This is a big one for many students and I am sure that many rate this over having water at times. If there are a few in the house and everyone has a tablet, laptop or games console you are going to need a lot of speed.

When looking at different quotes see what speed they can get and how they achieve it, personally, in a big house, one box doesn’t work, you need some kind of mesh system to cover all bedrooms and communal areas.

In many surveys, students have come back and said that Wifi is the thing they would pay extra for, so if you can get it right the first time, then make sure you get the best deal!

The Company Themselves

When you come to look at the bills you need to then look at the companies. Many have trust pilot reviews, make sure you have a quick look through them.

Just make sure they are a company that has you in their interest. They should be acting for you and managing your bills and you shouldn’t have to do much For example, if you have an issue like no water or electricity how do they react? What is their process?


There are plenty of companies out there, however, we are partners of Glide and work with them. You might ask why and here are the reasons why I partner with them.

  • They provide a lot of PBSA providers with bill management
  • Good access to a lot od deals and pakages
  • They have a good business infrastructure and an established company
  • They hav their own network
  • They have their own app

You can find more about Glide on our partner’s page. If you have any questions, please email me and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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