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Written by Sam | October 4, 2021

As a student, is it worth getting student contents insurance when you are at university?

This is a decision that might cross your mind at some while at university and it isn’t a bad thought to have. The reason I say this is because student areas are targeted more than residential areas for burglaries. Although I must admit, there is no hard evidence to back this up. I do hear a few stories each year of students being burgled.

Why? Because there are more valuable items in a students house than a normal house. Secondly, it might be easier to get into a student house than another house.

You probably don’t need contents insurance if you live in the big purpose-built student accommodation because it might come with it included, but also it is likely to be covered by receptions and behind secure doors. You are more covering yourself against accidents in your place or out at university. Which still isn’t the worst idea.

What contents insurance might cover?

  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Speakers
  • Games consoles
  • Jewellery
  • Most other personal items.

I would always check what the policy will cover and what it doesn’t cover. It is all dependant on the insurance company and what they cover. Make sure you as you go through the quote, that all your essentials are covered.

Why would you get it?

I’ve covered this a little bit above, however, as a student you are more likely to be targeted than a normal residential house and this is because you have more valuables in the house. The value items are laptops, phones, speakers, jewellery, games consoles and those items which can be re-sold easily.

This is because it can be easier to get in to student houses and because there is a higher density of value items. For example, if there are 5 students in the house there is likely to be 5 phones, laptops and many other items that people can re-sell.

Especially, if there is a window open, or door that has been left ajar.

You might not need it at all throughout the year, howver, you don’t want to be in a poisition where you need to use it!

Why wouldn’t you get it?

Because it comes included with the building you are living in or because you don’t want to cover your items. You could take one out as a house and then pay a proportion. I am unsure what effect that would have on the price.

How to get the most out of your insurance

In order to get the most of your insurance you need to try and cover as much as possible for as little as possible. This is so in hope that you need it you have as much in the cover as possible.

I don’t just mean the amount of valuables you can get on the cover, can you get cover outside of the house, can you get accidental damage and all for a very similar price to the basic price.

It is always worth comparing quotes to see who has the best policy and how much it costs. You should be able to get covers from aroun £99.


I work with Alan Boswell who offer Students Contents Insurance. In their Insurance, they are able to offer quite a good package for students in their contents insurance.

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