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Contents Insurance For Students
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Contents Insurance For Students

Written by Sam | October 28, 2021

It is a question that will be asked every year as long as there are students and here is my reasoning and why contents insurance is a good idea for students.

What is contents insurance?

It’s an insurance policy that will allow you to protect your personal items. Depending on the cover you can have it in the house alone or you can get cover for when you are out and about as well.

If you are thinking about it, please make sure you read the documents and understand what is and isn’t covered.

Why should you have it?

Because students are more likely to be targeted than family houses. Why?

The sole reason is that there are more valuables in the house, people will leave windows open, doors open and it can easily happen.

If you think in a family house you might have a computer, tablet, phone, however, when you look at a student house there are all those things multiplied by however many people are in the house.

This is not forgetting that being in a student house, there can be a lot of mistakes and items can get broken.

How to get cheap students content insurance

To get cheap insurance you want to make sure that you don’t leave it until the last minute. If you are booking it around September you are likely to see higher prices because more people are searching for it.

Imagine it’s like booking a holiday. You want to book it in advance to get good deals.

Don’t be afraid to use comparison websites and then call the insurance companies up. You can ask them to match prices and play them off against each other.

Be honest with them, you want to have all your items covered for what they are worth and by downvaluing your items you are only creating problems for you.

Directly speak to them, a lot of the process has been moved online to automate the process, however, if you can speak to them you ask for discounts over the phone and they should be able to do something for you.

Referrals and affiliate links can have some good deals in them for new members, we do have an affiliate link and I will post it at the bottom of the page.

There are some things you can do as well, make sure you have the right locks on doors and windows, make sure you keep valuables in a safe place and this will help to keep your policy down.

If you do have any questions then please ask me, however, I am not an expert in insurance this information is what I get from speaking to various people in the industry.

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You can find the company that I trust to deliver good quality student contents insurance.

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