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How We Find Student Accommodation & Housing For Students
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How We Find Student Accommodation & Housing For Students

Written by Sam | December 19, 2021

As a UK marketplace for student accommodation and housing in the UK, we help students find their accommodation. Most people that use our website are international students or those students who are moving into their second year of university and want to move out of the halls.

There are other scenarios, however, many students will come to us and ask us to find some accommodation that meets their criteria.

We will then talk to the student and help them piece together what they want and send them some options to look at and decide if one of them suits them or we need to go and find more places. Below is how we find the places where students live.

What’s the Trick?

There is none, zero tricks we are just building our network with letting agents. landlords and those that offer good quality student accommodation.

We keep a tally of all the stock that we have access to on our website so that when a student asks us for it, we can search inside our website and then speak to the people we work with. This way we can find out what is available for students to book.

A lot of students will go directly to a letting agent or landlord and that is fine. We are here to help guide students to find the right accommodation for them in the UK if they are unsure.

We don’t negotiate prices with agents as they set the prices and we can’t access exclusive rents, however, what we can talk about is contracts with some agents and companies. This is so that we can hopefully find something that works for you and the landlord.

What are we Good at?

Well, this is us saying this, but spending the time with students and sending them options to review and see if they like it or not.

We are happy to spend the time with students in order to help them get to a good place. We take time to focus on what they would like and try and find something in that area and if we can’t we will still send you some options and explain the reasons.

As long as what we are being asked is achievable then we can go and speak to our landlords. The bits that are really difficult to find is something good quality under the average price and something that has a short tenancy.

Where we can get Better

Well, we get a lot of requests for short term accommodation, usually for around 2 months in semester 2 and this is something we have struggled to provide. The reason for this is that the providers we work with have longer contracts and not so many spaces from January.

When we get the requests through, it means we struggle to find the places that are offering semester 2 lets purely because the rooms are booked for the longer dates already.

What some companies do is rent the rooms from the providers and then rent them to students on a shorter-term let.

Why we Search for Student Accommodation

You can do this yourself if you wish on the website, but the reason we offer this is that:

  • More people searching = More student accommodation found
  • They don’t want to have to spend hours on the internet searching
  • They don’t live in the UK and are unsure of the good accommodations in the area
  • Struggling to find something they like

It changes the game a little because it’s free for students to use and the way any money is made is a commission from the provider and everything we have earned so far has gone back into university sports clubs.

The Process

If you are interested in finding a place or you would like us to search for something for you the process goes something like this:

  • Find a property on the website, or use our search form on the website
  • We will ask any questions just to make sure we are on the right track
  • We will go and search for some accommodation and send the options back to you
  • If you like it we can arrange a viewing and book it for you.

If you don’t like any we sent you, we just repeat step three until we can find somewhere you do like!

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