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UniKitOut Partnership

Written by Sam | January 6, 2022

When it comes to moving to university, the best way to save yourself multiple trips is to get as many of the items, food shops and various other bits delivered on days when you have moved in!

This works especially if you are an international student or you are moving far away from your home in the UK.

Let’s not go into the cost of how much it will cost to transport all the products there and back each year!

This is also another reason why student storage can be popular with students because instead of taking it back home again, they can put it in a container and get it out again without having to move it many miles!

Who Are UniKitOut?

Well, they are a student accommodation kit out specialist. They offer lots of packs and individual items that students need for their accommodation.

You can choose when you want the package to turn up to make it easy for you. This takes a lot of pressure off you having to go around different shops finding the best deals.

Most people would go to amazon, but because you are going directly to a supplier, it means that you aren’t going to be paying fees on top of what you should be paying in the first place.

Here is what it says on their website about them:

UniKitOut is the UK’s leading Student Kit supplier, and we’re proud to work closely in partnership with 250 Universities & Private Housing Providers. Unlike traditional retailers, we are authorised to deliver your Kit to your Accommodation before you arrive.

UniKitOut is the brain-child of our family-run parent company, Gailarde Ltd which was established in 1979. We’ve been in the textile industry for a whopping 4 generations. Around 13 years ago, we saw a gap in the market where students were moving to University without any of the basic essentials – and UniKitOut was born.

Main Packs

Their main packs for students are:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom

The bedroom kit gives you everything you need to get a good night’s sleep.

The handy Kitchen Kit includes a whopping 40 items to help you cook up a storm from the get-go.

Our luxurious Bathroom Kit will welcome you to University with Towels, a Robe and a pack of Toiletries.

If you want to order more than one pack, you don’t need to buy both packs there are ultimate packs that combine the best of a variety of packs that allow you to get the best deals without aving to buy both packs.

On top of that you can top it up with individual products to suit you.

Affilliate Link

If you want the ease of having everything delivered to your door with a range of packs for you to choose from then use this link in order to get any discount: UniKitOut Affilliate Link

If you have any questions please contact us ad we will be happy to help you.

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