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What To Do When You Get To University
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What To Do When You Get To University

Written by Sam | September 3, 2020

When you get to university in your first year, everything is new, you won’t know your house mates unless you have met them through Facebook and you won’t know the area.

That is why when you get to university, try these tips to help you settle in, find your way around and feel comfortable in your new surroundings!

Unpack Everything First

When you get to university, make sure that you unpack your room, get everything in it spot and make it feel like home. Decorate your room and then you won’t have to do it again!

What can and does happen is that you put your stuff in your room and then you leave it there until the next day or you live out of bags until you have been through everything!

Once you get it unpacked and sorted the quicker you can spend some time with your house mates, getting dinner or out exploring!

Spend Time With House Mates

This can be anything, having a takeaway, unpacking the house, decorating the house and anything in between. By spending time with them you can get to know what they are like, what course they are doing and if you will be friends for the next year!

Your friends will help you when you need it and you will help them when they need it and are a vital point of student life.

Explore The Local Area

By this but what I mean is go and explore the local town, city and what it has to offer. You can find the route to university, you can find the route to the nearest shop, you can find the best way in to town and so much more.

Put a pin on Google Maps and then go out and walk around some of the streets during the day and then make sure you keep a note of the important areas.

This will help you feel more at home because you are getting used to your surroundings. At home, we know where everything is and this is what you are doing here. You are building up your knowledge and finding your way around!

Create a Rough Routine

It doesn’t have to be set in concrete, but a lot of people get lost because they have a lot of spare time and don’t know what to do with it. By planning in your uni days, revising days, work out days and anything else you can start to figure out what your student life will look like and you will know what you need to do on that day!

Get a Food Shop

Now many bring food with them, however, unless you have lots of ample space, I would argue it is far more efficient to get it ordered or bought when you get to university.

You can do it online and then go click and collect or have it delivered, you just need to make sure you will be there at the time you say you will.

It takes a lot of pressure of having to get it all to university before it goes off, especially with any meats!

If you can find the local market in the area, you will save an absolute fortune if you shop there each week, it will be far cheaper and better quality than buying it from shops.


Make sure you get yourself set up, let people know you are settling in and then spend time with those you are sharing a house or apartment with. IF you are in a studio, go and meet the accommodation manager and go in to the communal areas where there is likely to be a meet and greet!

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What to do when you get to university as a first year, try these top tips to help you settle in and be comfortable at university.
Written by Sam | September 3, 2020

If you are wondering what student accommodation is going to be like this September, then we will try and answer a lot of your recent questions and doubts here!

Student Accommodation Focus

Student accommodation is generally managed by an accommodation manager and we are already seeing some amazing work being put in place by these managers. Some of the precautions they have been putting in place are:

  • Hand sanitising stations
  • Hand gels
  • Masks for students
  • More cleans in the block
  • Scheduled and reduced social events and communal areas
  • Quarantine stays

This is just some of the offering we have seen and these are mainly from those who we list on our website!

If you are anxious about going in to student accommodation then don’t be, if you are living with others in an apartment or flat then it would be wise to quarantine for 14 days just so you know that you are safe, after that it is then up to you.

With everyone being in a block, it is wise to respect others spaces at this times and remember even though it will be cleaned thoroughly, it is still good practice to wash your hands when you get in and try not to touch a lot of doors and handles.

Student Housing Focus

This is slightly different than above because there is likely to be a group of you in a house and not in a block and you won’t have a manager or get your house cleaned regularly.

If you are a student living in a student house then make sure you keep that bubble wrapped for 14 days just so you know you are safe. There isn’t likely to be any social events straight away.

Once those 14 days are out the way, you know you are safe and you won’t pass it on to others you can then get out in to the city.

Make sure you keep the house clean and wash your hands when you get in.


Having friends over is going to be the biggest challenge and you will likely see a rise of house parties because nightclubs aren’t open. If you live by yourself, you can control this but if you live in a group, make sure everyone is happy and make sure you clean the house after.

It will get to winter and you will want to keep windows shut. Life is pretty much and relatively normal compared to what it was but please respect others boundaries!


This is harder for us to comment because we don’t work with them directly but they are mixing online and face to face classes and they are putting in more thorough cleaning routines, what you should expect to see is:

  • Spread out classes or smaller class sizes
  • Smaller and the same practical groups
  • More cleaning
  • Rules for the campus
  • Zones marked and one way systems
  • Facilities kept to a good standard
  • Everything is checked routinely
  • Some online classes

This should then reduce the amount of contact you get overall, however, this can be absolutely pointless if students don’t stick to it, then we could see some local lock-downs within university’s.

Make sure you know the rules, stick to them and offer any tips or idea to the university to help them improve!

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Written by Sam | August 26, 2020

If you are the parent of a student, you want to make sure that your son or daughter will get the experience and service not only they deserve, but they pay for as a student.

Tuition Fees

Just a quick overview for parents. Tuition fees aren’t something to worry about a massive amount, I personally would focus more on the repayment side of the coin. That is:

  • How much
  • When
  • How often
  • When will it stop

Currently, the student loan repayment rates are very favourable, this might change in the future but currently you must earn a certain amount and then you only pay 9% back on anything OVER that amount. More on student loans in this article here.

Helping Them Find Student Accommodation

This is the part we can help with not just a in a functional way but an informational way too. As a parent we want the best for our children and them leaving to go to university is a big step in their life but also a parents.

Here are our best ways for parents of students to make sure that your son or daughter has an experience they want to remember and not forget in student accommodation.

  • Always research the agents and providers in the area – This is and can be time-consuming, most people want it done today, and this is fine, in that case, go on to a few websites and choose the one you like the look of most. But please delve deeper and look around to see what the prices are, room types, houses, location, and much more!
  • If you can view them, do – Student accommodation is a sector that is being brought up in standard by the big players in the world and the smaller landlords are getting left behind, it does mean that it is a little bit of a monopoly in areas, but always view the accommodation if you can. If not make sure you have a virtual viewing with you and get them to show you around. The 360 tours are great, this is just to check the quality and cleanliness of the house.
  • Always talk to the agents and see what they are like – You need to do this to see what kind of service you will get. If the service is straight forward, simple, responsive, and smooth, then this is a good sign, if you email and don’t hear back for a week. Then that should be a red flag, now imagine you have a repair that needs doing, what will the service be like here
  • Ask about deposits – Deposits are one of the main reasons students can be dissatisfied with a student accommodation provider. See which scheme they are with and what is their process for taking and returning deposits.
  • Look at the contracts – This is very keen, however, having it months beforehand gives you time to look it over and find any uncertainties rather than having a day to look at it and never really read it! In there you need to look at their cancellation policies, deposits, and responsibilities for your child and what they will be responsible for e.g repair times!
  • Do they go above and beyond – This is where the service really comes in, there is a lot of student accommodation provide a very good house at really good prices and this is amazing, they are doing exactly what they set out to do!
  • Dig further – What?! The first place you look is Google, try searching different phrases, go past the first page. The ones on the first page usually have big marketing budgets if they are ads and those who understand how to please Google, go past it and you will find many more who are waiting to be found!
  • Know what type of accommodation – Would your son or daughter prefer to live with others and or by themselves? Would they like to live in a house or in a managed student accommodation block? You can view both, but knowing what to search for can really save you time.
  • Bills included? – This will help you plan your finances and know what you can and can’t afford. Bills included also means you don’t have to sort it out and there are likely to be fewer arguments in the household.
  • Budget – Know what you can afford to spend on rent. Here, personally, my advice is to take something just under your budget which gives you more wriggle room in your finances. There are some great luxury student accommodation brands, but you can find a lot of agents who have amazing houses good prices.
  • Don’t just go for the incentives and cash backs – There is a reason why they have these in place and it is to fill rooms, if it is something you want, take the extra bonus, but don’t just take the room because of the incentive.
  • Location, location, location – Location is one thing that makes a student’s life so much easier. Make sure that you know what is a good location that is close to uni, close to transport, access to shops, and easy to get in and out of town that is within your budget!

I hope this helps you on the path to finding really good student accommodation that you will remember for the right reasons and not the wrong reasons.

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Written by Sam | August 10, 2020

Mental well being is such an important part of life, there are more and more cases where students are having difficulties with mental health and well-being at university.

Being at university many find themselves alone, even when around other students and that can be common because even there are a sea of students, you may not actually know any of them yet and seeking help might be a step to far at this moment in time!

I was contacted by Chris at Jesey and wanted to show me what they had been doing and creating for students but first I wanted to try it for myself!

Downloaded Jesey

I downloaded Jesey 3 days ago and since then have really enjoyed it. I’m not a student so shouldn’t technically have it, but before putting out to the world and partnering with them, I wanted to see and try it for myself!

It’s all AI and this is good because it means that it is slowly learning more and more you use it and each day you drop in for a coffee chat and it will ask you how you are.

From then it will track your motivation and emotions each day so you can see where you are at over a period of time, and every time that you check in and do this, you get to plant a tree.

Each day, it can give you lots of different exercises to do to help you improve how you are, today mine was affirmations and saying affirmations to myself for 5 minutes.

These exercises aren’t an hour, they are short, sharp and to the point which means you can go right back to your daily routine!

Coffee Chats

My coffee chats aren’t massively long as like to check in, have a quick chat and then go again, but you can stay as long as you like.

You can do more than one exercise and in here it will ask you for your motivation and emotions. It’s strange at first because it is AI, however, I quite like it because you put what you want and it can’t judge you.

To be honest, you don’t even have to type, it gives you options to reply with and then it will come with your next message!

Planting Trees

Me personally, this is the bit that I love the most. Every time I go to check in if I’m O.K, I get to plant a tree without having to physically doing it. Perfect.

I mean it’s two birds one stone, I always want to have more of an environmental impact on the world in some way and this gives me that feeling of doing something good!


I think this is a great app, hence why I have opted to get them on the website. For students who like and want to check in everyday and see where they are at, it is perfect for you.

You can also be environmentally conscious as well y checking in and then planting a tree as well! Even though they are still in early stages of their life span, I think it’s great what they have achieved and done and want to see what comes next from the app.

Visit their website here

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Written by Sam | August 3, 2020

When you have students in your accommodation it is much easier to contact and communicate with them than it is to continue to find new students every year.

As a metaphor, imagine you a ferry wheel, it is easier to keep people on the wheel than it is to continually find new customers. This is the same for student accommodation, you don’t want to have to fill your block, houses, flat and anything else completely each year. You want re-bookers because they are easier to sell to and cost less overall than a new student typically!

What is Engagement?

Students who live with you are naturally more engaged with you than others because it is in their interest to be! However, engagement for me is where you get answers, can communicated directly and speak to people in your community.

How To Reach Engagement

This for me is where it can get interesting, for instance, if you set your stall early and offer an incentive for an answer on a survey etc, then the motive isn’t to give an honest answer, it is to win the prize.

You want to try and reach a point of engagement where there are no incentives. This means the engagement you get is fully organic, completely honest and constructive (most of the time).

To get to a good level it takes a lot of time and effort in all honesty, you have to put yourself out there with lots of ideas where some will work and some won’t work and then make it really easy to get the answers or replies that you want! Here are some ideas:

  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Christmas presents
  • Easter eggs
  • Birthday cards – You can automate this
  • WhatsApp groups and broadcasts
  • Private Facebook group
  • Tenant only email
  • Events in your spaces
  • Parties

These types of events are designed to get people to interact with you so when you need something from them, mainly feedback, suggestions and reviews, they are far more happier leaving it.

How To Improve Engagement

If your engagement is currently low, then that is not a problem, no one started off with amazing engagement and following straight away!

Don’t go all out with an event each week, you will need time to drum up interest, go for an event each quarter. Scale it back, give people less commitment to start, and start to ramp it up after you have people turning up.

Firstly, create your calendar of events, keep the commitment levels low make it accessible.

Secondly, get your communication channels open and make sure that they know they can contact you on these channels if they need you. These channels should be a 2 way channel and then this encourages the students to engage with you.

In these channels you can also put up useful content for them, wish them happy birthday, Christmas and pass them on to your blogs and articles when it comes to important events like moving out after 3 amazing years!

After that create events on Facebook and invite people to it, you can use the channels above to push the promotion of this but before you create an even it is good to already have the communication channels set up! You can use something like Canva in order to create your visuals and graphics.

When promoting the event, you need to make sure that you focus on what the students will get out of it rather than what you may get out of it. For example, a party.

  • Make sure that you focus on the times of the event
  • What you are offering (usually free or cheap beer)
  • How easy it is to get involved
  • Where and what they can do after
  • What they will get out of it – A good time

Engagement Never Stops

Once you have got engagement you need to continue on that trajectory, if you stop then it will stop.

However, there is a blurry line between engagement and spam. You don’t want to do so many things that students feel bombarded with news, information, events etc.

You just want a nice steady flow of items that allow you to create an amazing service and get bookings because they talk about you and they want to stay with you!

It is good practice to have a plan of what you are going to do when. For example, in our WhatsApp broadcasts, we average one a month where we just check in and see how the students are and then update them with any information on what has happened, when it was at the height of the pandemic, we increased it to once every two weeks!

It is also good to know when to push for sales and when to push the services and brand, you can start talking about booking after November and December in most scenarios. Most students will want to do this so they don’t have to move again. Make this part too intense and it will put students off!

Plan your months on a calendar and know what you want to achieve by each one, is it a brand one that is good for students or is it sales that helps you save time, money and effort by students rebooking.

The branding is likely to get you amazing reviews when you mix it with some great student accommodation and after their time with you they will be happy to help you because you have done so much for them!

Written by Sam | July 30, 2020

If you are writing bios for student accommodation, there are some tips and tricks you can do to help magnify your assets and connect with students.

The bio can be put in two spaces which are separated between the features and the bio!


This is a short snippet of information is for students to get a quick hit of information. It is so that they can decide there and then if they want to look further in to the student accommodation.

This needs to be bullet points and at the top or on the side of the property. Keep this short and snappy and just list the best and key features of the property, as an example it could be:

  • 5 Bed
  • Ensuite
  • Off-Road Parking
  • Garden
  • On-Site Gym
  • £250 per month

These are the types of items you want to list, short, sharp and to the point. Many students will make a decision based on this before they even look at the rest of the property.

It has to meet their needs before they will view a property, for example, if they are looking for a 3 bed, they aren’t going to view 1 & 2 beds because they don’t fit their criteria!

Writing Your Bio

Make sure it has structure and ends with a ‘Call to Action’, this is simply just a button that says, ‘Enquire Here’.

Start with your heading of the property and then describe and tell the different components.

In the bio, you don’t want to list what you have already said in the features list, this is repeating yourself. You want to expand on the details here and help students understand why they should live in your property.

This section is all about WHY and not WHAT. The features list tells the student WHAT the property has and the bio should tell students why they should live there.

If you make this compelling enough, then you have got yourself some tenants and a viewing.

To do this, you need to focus on how it makes the students life easier or better. For example, having an ensuite means not having to share bathrooms with others.

  • Good location means they don’t have to walk or travel very far to university, and if they live further out then the price reflects this.
  • Bills included means less hassle.
  • High quality double beds as standard because that’s what makes for a great night sleep!
  • Gym onsite so it doesn’t need to be an extra cost nor a long commute
  • Contents insurance included so they don’t have to worry
  • Feature wall of the students choice to make them feel at home

There are so many ways to put it, however you must tell the story and let them imagine it.

I like to put in life scenarios of the commute to university, being close to shops and other frustrating situations and how you can easily solve it just by living in the place you are talking about.

The bio doesn’t need to be massive but also you want to cover off all the information about the property. This is time consuming if you have a lot of properties, however, how often does this change? You can use this bio for years and years with a few tweaks.

Towards the end of the bio it is good to ask a question that makes students choose between certain properties. Why? Because this gets them to think of an answer. Instead of just skimming it, if I ask you a question of, ‘Which one would you choose?’ IT is likely that you will pick one.

After this make it really easy for them to enquire and book the property because this part is crucial for making the process seamless and giving really great service!

At the bottom of the page you can add a standard part for your company and about your values, services and other bits if you wish. This can be copy and pasted!

Written by Sam | July 30, 2020

Many student accommodation providers and mainly student letting agents have landlords who don’t want to pay for professional photos and simply now have too many houses in order to get round them all before the deadline of marketing them again!

For many reasons, a lot of photos you see online today have been taken on a phone and I thought that I would give a quick guide on how you can make the most of the photos on your phone so your quality stays high.

Phone cameras are getting better and better each year with new releases and they are coming up with more and more technology to make it more and more interesting.

Lining The Room Up

This is where you need to focus on where you have objects in the room in the photo.

If you don’t use the grid on your phone screen so that you can line up objects and make sure the camera is level.

You can play around with where you place the objects, you can put them on the left, centre or right hand side of the photo be please make sure they are in the middle when you are going from top to bottom.

This will mean that you get a nice equal shot and that a bed isn’t at the top of the photo and the rest of it is just the floor.


Make sure you are focused on something or somewhere, this will draw the attention of the eye to that particular object.

You don’t want to make the outsides blurry like you can if you are focusing on someone’s face, however, you need a focal point of the photograph which is very similar to lining the room up. Know what you want to focus on and make sure it gets in the shot.

Light & Brightness

This has been spoken about before but make sure you get the house as bright as you can and get ring lights for your phone, there are some in which you can attach to a tripod and there are some freestanding ones that you will need to plugin!

Turn the lights on in the house and make sure you have a lot of natural light coming in through the windows.

While on your phone, try not to face a window and take a picture in to the light, face the same way as the window and use the natural light to brighten the photo naturally!


Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you will find a lot of this in a bedroom and kitchens mostly, however, if you have places like this, get a good snap of it and make sure it goes on the website.

A classic is having two walls the same colour and using that to create symmetry!

Negative Spaces

Now earlier we spoke about lining your photo up so that you don’t have lots of redundant space, well this is true however, if there is one particular object you want to focus on, that space, negative space, will help draw peoples eyes to it.

A classic example of this would be some kind of feature in the corner of a room, a TV on the wall that you want to focus on and all these smaller elements rather than show casing the whole room.

Here you don’t want to get too in to this and show case your best bedside lamps, save these for your show stoppers!

No Zooming In

Now after the pandemic, all people did was Zoom each other, on this matter, please don’t zoom in, the picture becomes blurry and the camera becomes very unstable and hard to hold still.

No Flash at Night

Having a flash on during the day will enhance the brightness in the room, however, if you are taking pictures in the evening, then it doesn’t do the photo justice as it only lights a small amount of the room. This is where your ring lights will come in!

Always try and take them during the day to maximise the best chances!

Clean Your Lens

This sounds really simple and easy however, how often do we pick our phones up and put them down? It is likely we will smudge the lens at some point, make sure you just give it a quick clean before you take your photos.

If you want to get really fancy, you can get a lens which you can attach to your phone to give you better pictures, however, I haven’t used one of these so couldn’t comment on which are the best!


HDR mode stands for High Dynamic Range. It adds detail from the dark and light areas to provide better balanced exposure. This is good when light is beaming in from a window but there is a slightly darker patch in the corner, you can either light it up or use this to balance it out!

Edit Photos

Once you have taken some great photos then you can edit them to make them look much better.

Even if it is to apply a filter, increase the brightness or contrast, you don’t have to get too technical, but just simply playing around with the components of the picture might bring out a better result for you.

I would say, stay away from filters that change the colours, for example, black and white, all pink, all blue, you want something that is going to enhance what you have already!

Apps To Help You

  • Snapseed
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • MagicPlan
  • Room Sketcher
  • Canva – You can’t edit them in here too much but it is great for getting them out on socials in an interesting way
Written by Sam | July 30, 2020

Having bad photographs on your student accommodation or letting agent website amplifies the service you are offering. Bad photographs can set you off on the wrong foot, if you then use these on social media, this only amplifies it more. Especially when these photos are given to others to advertise your student accommodation.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

People Eat With Their Eyes

Shoppers are fickle, unless they know your brand and know what they are getting into before they sign up, they and we are all fickle. We will move on if it doesn’t meet our needs at that given time.

For example, a website takes too long to load, do you wait for it or find another one?

We move on, anything over 3 seconds and statistically we move on.

When this comes to photographs for student accommodation, it is essential to showcase what you have, showcase your incredible designs, the big spaces and getting students imagining living there.

Turn all the lights on and use white lights to make the house brighter in darker areas and make sure you get a nice big shot with your masterpiece in the centre.

If you do it all yourself, ring lights you can get off amazon for fairly cheap and this can make a massive difference to the result.

You can use phones to take pictures, however, we believe the results aren’t the same, however if you are here is a quick guide to getting a good shot with a phone:

  • Lighting as we have mentioned, if you can do it on a bright day it makes a real difference
  • Always remember to stage the room
  • Get multiple shots of the room, try not to face windows when taking shots because you want to use the natural light to brighten the room
  • Take portrait and landscape photos
  • Use the grid on your phone to line up your photo
  • FOCUS – Make sure that you allow time for the camera to focus
  • Don’t just take pictures of rooms, make sure you include any storage cupboards or make it obvious in the floorplan

Floorplans Are Essential

I am a big fan of floorplan, it gives you a really clear idea of what the footprint of the house is and how everything is laid out.

You don’t have to give sizes in the floorplan, the space isn’t for sale, but having the room shape and where everything is in correlation to it is a great way to give students quick information.

If you know the size of the room you can include it for extra information, however, this is a bonus in my eyes!

There are plenty of mobile apps you can use to create a floorplan digitally and it might give you rough sizes, I have seen some agents sketch it out and then draw it up when they get back to the office.

If you want to get accurate measurements I suggest a laser measuring tool, you can get these from most places and they are relatively cheap for how often you will use them! Cross this with the floorplan and you are on for a great listing!

Videos and Walkrounds

Because of the pandemic virtual tours were pushed along in their journey massively and this is a great thing for those who can’t get in to the accommodation to view the house.

The most basic level that is good to have is a walk around with your phone camera, again you can see some tips for this in our other article, however a quick summary is:

  • If you are doing a tour, don’t be camera shy with a phone
  • Capture everything in the house, take the student in to every room
  • Take a peek in cupboards
  • Have the lights turned on already and doors open if possible
  • Don’t forget about the outside of the house

Giving students the ability to walk around digitally hopefully should shorten the process for a lot of people, because they might not view, however, I do recommend they always view in person if possible.

The most important thing with the video is what you do with it after you have filmed it. Make sure it goes in the places where it can be seen!

Written by Sam | July 29, 2020

Using Google is a must and most student landlords use this, in fact too many use it and have the same generic type of ad and this where we want to be a little different.

Creating Google Ads

Images are great, make sure that you give off a strong brand and don’t be afraid to say the obvious in the ads, for example, ‘Book Student Accommodation’.

Create several ads to a campaign and you can see which one works best for you and your audience. Your audience is something you should take care of and nurture.

A good option here is to untick the google network referral option, this essentially stops your ad being shown on other sites that you have no idea or relevant to and being charged for it.

An example here is I was searching on websites and all I kept getting was book your student accommodation on every site. The bit that is important here is relevance, you don’t get charged unless they click on it, but after it will turn in to white noise!

It is so obvious when websites display banner ads and sell them to other companies for money.

Tips for ads

  • High quality photos
  • Take up as much space as possible
  • Aim for search ads rather than other types of ads
  • Research your keywords and make sure you remove any that have a negative effect
  • Vary headlines and descriptive text

YouTube Ads For Student Accommodation

Many forget about this part of google and aim a lot of their spend on google search terms and this is obvious when they rank on any word with ‘Student’ in it, even when it is something not related.

To do this properly it can take time and cost a fair whack of money if you get the video done properly.

Tips for a YouTube ad:

  • Create a good video
  • Leave a few seconds at the end for people to click on your ad
  • Colours mean a lot here
  • Make it obvious, big bold easy letters. They can skips this at any time!
  • Monitor ad performance and have other videos as a backup

YouTube is a big platform for learning and education, if you want to know anything it is either googled or YouTubed and you can take advantage of this.

Look at search terms and what is used most and target those terms depending on their cost!

Written by Sam | July 29, 2020

By this I don’t mean physical shops, I mean the digital shops that you see when you type something in to google, the shops are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

These are great because with some of them you can build feeds in to your website and they can automatically be pushed out in to these shops meaning you don’t have to change each one on every platform.

Why Is It Good?

If you have to do each one manually then I would skip this, it simply isn’t worth the time investment to do it manually, especially when you have lots of rooms, I would focus on other areas.

These digital shops will pop up on Google if the right words are searched, this is good for SEO, Google will value it if it is relevant and people don’t have to scroll to find you.

You can access a different audiences, a lot of people might be encompassed on one platform, but just being there gets you mind space. People pay a lot for adverts but do you know what shows up before and even directly after ads? The shops.

Shops are a gateway or quick access to your website and when they hit your website your pixel will pick them up and then you can advertise to them. At the moment, the internet is rife with re-targeting ads and spammy ads.

With a shop front, you can give them a quick snapshot of information and you can have hundreds of products in there, after that initial snapshot, if the student wants more information they will click on the shop window and then go through to get more information.

Finally, the shops allow the student to connect with you directly and quickly. They can inquire in seconds and you can have it so it comes through on messenger or WhatsApp and you can give them instant replies and if you are a sales person, you know that it is good practice to get back to people as quick as possible!