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What To Buy For Student Accommodation
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What To Buy For Student Accommodation

Written by Sam | June 18, 2020

This is what you need to buy when you are moving into student accommodation if you are moving into student housing, you might need some bits ever so slightly different but the majority will cross over. If you are interested in the difference, read our in-depth article

For this article, we are staying away from what to take as we have covered that in this article here. We cover in-depth what you should take and a little bit about what you should buy, however, we shall go more in-depth here.

What You Might Get Student Accommodation?

Well in student accommodation it is likely to come with a lot of the items you may already need.

However, they will be standard items and you may want to get your own, student accommodation can come with:

  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • TV
  • Bikes
  • Leftover utensils

Some student accommodation might come with a welcome pack which can include pots, pans, towels, cooking utensils and bathroom packs.

What Should You Buy In Student Accommodation?

Here is what you should or consider buying for your new student home. Let’s start in the kitchen:

  • If you don’t get a welcome pack, start in the kitchen with pots, pans, woks, saucers & baking trays
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Tea towels, oven gloves
  • Plates, bowls, cups, knives and forks – Some of these might be left behind and you can use these as many students will leave them there for the next person


  • Towels
  • Bath/ Shower Matts
  • Any shower gel/ shampoo
  • Cleaning products
  • Laundry basket

A lot of the stuff in here is provided it is mainly personal, this isn’t a ful comprehensive list, this more what you should buy, if you want to see what you should take to university as a first-year, please see our in-depth article


  • The accommodation may provide a mattress protector, however, if they don’t I would recommend one.
  • Decorations of plants, posters, and pinboards – Make sure they don’t damage the wall
  • You will need to buy the sheets and pillowcases but not the actual pillows and duvet unless you want your own
  • Throws & Blankets
  • Some coat hangers

In student accommodation, if you live in a studio, you are likely to get a TV in your room, however, if you live in an apartment, you will get one in the communal area but not your bedroom.

Lounge / Dining Room

  • Here you will get your basics of sofa, dining table and chair.
  • You are likely to get a communal TV and some providers might have Netflix, if not you can transfer yours to this one or buy one as a house.
  • Speakers – If you listen to music
  • Blankets & pillows are worth buying if you want some comfort

General Items

  • Socket Adaptors
  • Extension cables
  • Desk fan, not that you’d use it a lot in the UK

Things you are unlikely to need

  • Hoover
  • Ironing board – You might like your own though
  • Desk Lamps – again, they will have some, but you might want your own
  • Storage boxes etc, they will factor this in
  • Bikes if they are included at the accommodation

If you need help and want to get items to send directly to your student accommodation then please visit our friend’s page in the partner’s section. They offer packages for all the different rooms in the house and they can be delivered on a day that suits you! IF you aren’t there the accommodation people will pick it up for you!

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