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Student Housing Vs Apartment: What Are The Differences
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Student Housing Vs Apartment: What Are The Differences

Written by Sam | June 2, 2020

If you are deciding where to live as a student group and want to know some more facts about what a student apartment is and what a student house is. Then follow this article and at the end, if you still have some questions, then please WhatsApp me on the chat and I will answer them for you.

Student Housing

To see how Student Housing Works, delve in to this article and I will give you the facts and differences below, there will be some crossover however.

  • Student Housing is usually based in a house that has individual rooms and comes with certain regulations, HMO Regulations
  • Usually, the bathroom is shared and there aren’t en-suites
  • You can have your own garden and potential parking space
  • Rent is usually cheaper
  • You can choose from lots of different locations
  • Different amounts of bedrooms for different sized groups
  • Managed by local agents and landlords
  • Can have some truly amazing places and designs
  • Based in the community and quite than central based accommodation
  • Don’t have to pay for washing
  • Bills might be included and sometimes they aren’t

Student Apartments

These are likely to be in the Purpose Built Student Accommodation blocks, unsure what PBSA is, watch this video to find out more!

  • A set amount of beds that need filling
  • Come with lots of added extras like Gyms, Cinemas, Study & Games Rooms, Free Bikes and so much more
  • They are based in accommodation blocks
  • Usually have more security due to key fob access to the building
  • Don’t have many parking facilities
  • Might have to pay for laundry
  • Rent is usually more expensive than housing, but you have the extra facilities
  • Closer to university as they build up, meaning great views
  • En-suites in your room
  • Desk in each room
  • Clever storage systems
  • Bills are usually included and sometimes contents insurance is too

Which One Should You Live In?

To decide which one is right for you, you should consider some aspects and the differences which will suit you! The biggest factors are:

  • Overall Cost
  • Which location
  • Whether you want the added extras
  • Want an en-suite – Many do choose and prefer apartments for this reason.

We also list the differences between student accommodation vs student housing in this article and you can read what it is like to live in each of those types of student housing by reading this guide.

If you are in a group, you will need to decide as a group what you want to do and how much you can afford. It is only fair to go for what you can all afford rather than ditching a mate that can’t.

A lot of items in the student apartments are done for you already, for example, you can get in the study room, some have grab and go breakfasts with free tea and coffee in there which can save you a lot of time and cooking. It also has an accommodation manager who will look after you incredibly well and sort all your problems. On the flip side, the letting agent or landlord is only a call away and the ones we use are pretty good at making the experience unique in some way!

You may have seen these in some of the previous articles however, they are really handy of some points to look at when deciding which type of student accommodation is right for you and your friends.

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