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Student Housing With a Baby
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Student Housing With a Baby

Written by Sam | June 3, 2020

I have been trying to find as much information on this to help those students who have a child and they are studying or wanting to study at University.

In an honest, view, the whole student housing and accommodation system isn’t geared for this. If your child needs their own room you don’t want to be paying for two rooms, plus you are eligible for student housing which is cheaper and comes with some perks, for example, not having to pay council tax!

Your Options With a Child

Many who have a child and a partner look at studios and one bed flats first and this makes sense, they can all get in one room, plus they have their own kitchen and bathroom.

The problem with this is, these go relatively fast, the demand far outweighs the supply of studios and one bed flats for students. If you are lucky enough to get one of these, great work!

I would assume that living in a shared house wouldn’t be the first choice and you would rather not be there because there will be many conflicts of interest that other students simply might not understand.

The Option With The University

I have seen some options where the University has some accommodation or housing that is specifically for families.

Usually if you speak to the accommodation officer or manager, they will be able to tell if they have any of these or if any local letting agents or landlords has something for you.

If it is with the university then it is likely to either be in their own building, university-owned accommodation, where you are on campus, or they have some houses which they keep for situations like these. They will be based in the community like letting agents and landlords houses.

I suggest that if this does interest you, then speak to the University ASAP, because you can then get help and support for yourself and understand where you are likely to be living when term time comes around.

Support You Can Get While at University

  • Academic support: If you have difficulty meeting deadlines, attending classes, or coping with work placements because of your additional responsibilities, most providers will have processes in place to help you manage your workload and keep on track. Talking to your personal or academic tutor if you are having any problems is a good idea.
  • Financial support: This could include access to hardship funds on top of your student loan, help with understanding if you are eligible for benefits, an NHS bursary, and general advice with budgeting.
  • Childcare facilities: Many providers have on-site nurseries – places fill up fast, so get in touch early to book a place, even if you do not yet have a confirmed offer. Consider how this will work if you have work placements as part of your course. Depending on your circumstances, it may be a good idea to check on baby changing facilities and breastfeeding areas.
  • Health and wellbeing support: Most universities can provide counselling – student services or the wellbeing team will be able to give you details of what services are available. Also, look out for peer groups and societies for parents where you can meet others who are in a similar position. Many campuses have convenient on-site health centres.

Financial Support For Students

  • Tuition fee and maintenance loans: if you care for someone aged under 18 on the first day of the academic year you apply for student finance, you will automatically be considered an independent student. This means you will be assessed on your own income, even if you still live with your own parents. 
    • Find out more about applying as an independent student.
    • Find out more about student finance.
  • Childcare Grant: if you’re in full-time higher education, and eligible for student finance, you can receive up to 85% of your childcare costs for children under 15 (under 17 if they have special needs). This grant is means-tested and does not have to be repaid. Be aware, this grant is only payable if the childcare provider is registered with Ofsted – find a registered childminder. If you are starting or continuing a course from August 2019, you may apply for the grant as part of your student finance application. Read more about the Childcare Grant.
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance: if you are a parent on a full-time undergraduate course, or an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course, you may be able to receive additional financial help. This is a means-tested allowance and does not have to be repaid. Read more about the Parents’ Learning Allowance.
  • NHS Bursary Learning Support Fund: if you are from England and planning to study a healthcare professional course at an English course provider, you may be entitled to additional financial assistance, including a Child Dependents Allowance, help with travel, and temporary accommodation, and a hardship fund. Read more about the NHS Bursary Learning Support Fund

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